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Chapter 221: Source Sand Upgrading to Fantasy Breed

During the first duel for the Star Tower’s promotion duels, Lin Yuan had suffered due to his insufficient spiritual power. Therefore, Lin Yuan put extra priority into the usage of spiritual power in combat.

As an all-rounded source-type lifeform, Lin Yuan would naturally be using the Source Sand frequently during combat. If spiritual power consumption could be reduced during combat when using the Source Sand, Lin Yuan felt it would be much more useful than to increase the Source Sand’s attack power.

Before Lin Yuan enhanced the Source Sand, he had already tried using it. He already felt that when he was commanding the Source Sand, it felt just like a part of his body, and it was very smooth. Therefore, what would it be like if he chose the exclusive skill, Sand Control?

Finally, Lin Yuan hesitated for a moment before he made his decision to choose Sand Control. Putting aside the ability to control, just the reduction of spiritual power consumption was enough for Lin Yuan to pick the exclusive skill, Sand Control.

When Lin Yuan picked the exclusive skill, the Source Sand was now considered a Bronze source-type lifeform. At present, the Source Sand was no longer a blank slate. It might not have any abilities still, but it had its first exclusive skill.

Lin Yuan didn’t rush to continue increasing the Source Sand’s quality to Legend and upgrade it into a Fantasy Breed. Instead, he checked on the newly obtained exclusive skill, Sand Control, first.

After evolving into the Bronze grade, the Source Sand looked like a crystal button with distinct grains. The grains looked just like the patterns on the gravel.

Each gravel had entirely different patterns, and just by looking at this source-type lifeform, the Source Sand’s distinct gravel patterns looked as though they contained all possible grain patterns that existed.

When a person looked at the Source Sand for a long time, they would feel as though they were looking at the desolate desert.

Lin Yuan commanded the Bronze Source Sand. This time, the Source Sand turned into gravels that were close to 100 catties in weight.

Lin Yuan could feel that if he allowed the highly concentrated Source Sand’s gravel to dig into the ground, it wouldn’t take long to produce a huge batch of fresh sand.

As Lin Yuan commanded the Source Sand to form various shapes again, he realized that it was much easier than before. Lin Yuan was using some physical movements to control the gravels previously, but now, as soon as Lin Yuan had a thought in his mind, the gravels would start to move according to his subconscious thoughts.

After some experimentation, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that his control of the Source Sand wasn’t just limited to shape. He noticed he could control the gravels’ density and the mutual pressure from each of the gravels.

Lin Yuan tried controlling a bunch of yellow sand to wrap around a low-grade en

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