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After the duel ended, Lin Yuan disappeared from the dueling ground. He did not choose to continue on the second round of the Celestial Stairway promotion duel but just closed his eyes. He recalled what had happened in the duel previously.

This duel, which was evenly matched and even slightly disadvantageous to him, had benefited him a lot. At the same time, he had also discovered his inadequate side in combat.

The biggest benefit from this Celestial Stairway promotion duel was that he learned how important it was for a combat-class spirit qi professional to use and control their spiritual power in a battle.

During every battle in the past, he would subconsciously let Red Thorn spread its sea of flowers, which would undoubtedly consume a lot of spiritual power. But in fact, its sea of flowers did not play that big of a role sometimes.

Take the duel just now as an example.

Lin Yuan felt that if he had not let Red Thorn produce a large sea of flowers, but only a small sea of flowers to cooperate with the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly against the Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard, then he would never have been so passive when he faced the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard’s Blood Burning Strike. This duel let him know that he was still far from being a true expert. Nonetheless, it inspired his fighting spirit.

Lin Yuan was a strong-willed person. His previous hardships of surviving alone with Chu Ci had not knocked him down. When facing the pressure of survival, he would overcome it one step at a time.

It was still the same for him now. Except for combat skills, he knew that his top priority was to become a B-rank spirit qi professional if he wanted to improve his strength. This way, his feys’ grades could also increase significantly. At that point in time, he would be considered to have had an immense improvement.

When Lin Yuan opened his eyes, there were fewer distractions in his eyes and more purity. The purity contained an unrelenting aura.

He still needed some time to digest the benefit that this promotion duel had brought to him, so he did not go for a second promotion duel. Just as he was about to log off Star Web, Lin Yuan thought of Tian Ningning, whom Xin Ying had mentioned to him.

He had promised in the first place, so he naturally would not renege. Likewise, he would not leave her hanging.

Lin Yuan submitted a friend request to Tian Ningning, but he did not expect her to approve it within a second. After the two had added each other as Star Web friends, Tian Ningning’s messages would not be completely blocked out because of his settings.

Tian Ningning: “Hi, Black. I’m Star Web’s special columnist, Tian Ningning.”

Black: “Hi, I know you. Why did you find me through my friend?”

Tian Ningning looked at Black’s reply and gnashed her teeth.

Tian Ningning: “Black, I want to be your exclusive reporter.”

Upon seeing that, Lin Yuan could not help but raise his brows. It was indeed the same as wha

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