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Chapter 216: Not Enough to Trade

When the Lightning Sparrow King heard Lin Yuan’s statement, her pupils contracted, and she was stunned for some time. “Are you serious?”

Lin Yuan let out a sunshine smile and said calmly, “This junior is here to bid for the source-type lifeform. Therefore, I wouldn’t deceive you, Senior. Even if I am bluffing, Senior will not allow me to take the source-type lifeform away.”

Zhao Xiaochun smacked Fang Duoduo’s thigh with force and excitement. She then said, “What the hell! This handsome young man is simply too handsome. Fang Duoduo, after seeing this handsome young man, I am feeling a little hungry and wish to eat some braised pork trotters with pickled tofu.”

When Zhao Xiaochun smacked down on Fang Duoduo’s thigh, she suddenly felt that the feeling wasn’t right. Fang Duoduo had curled up like a prawn and responded with a face that was flushed red, “Zhao Xiaochun, you are too ruthless. If you are feeling infatuated, you can hit your own thigh! Why do you want to stop my Fang family from having future descendants!?”

Zhao Xiaochun looked at Fang Duoduo with apologetic eyes as she said awkwardly, “Meow.”

Fang Duoduo rolled his eyes and said with teary eyes, “Bark.”

The youth with the dreadlocks had a face that turned dark as he said, “All talk and no proof. You need to show some proof for your words. Since there are so many people present, I don’t think my friend will try to pull a joke and intentionally seek trouble, right?”

As soon as the youth with the dreadlocks finished his words, Liu Jie had a stern expression and was preparing to stand up. Lin Yuan placed his hand on Liu Jie’s shoulder and patted as an indication for Liu Jie to continue sitting.

Liu Jie had an unspeakable feeling in his heart. When Lin Yuan stood up to compete for the source-type, Hurricane Owlet Moth, Liu Jie felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

Originally, when Liu Jie saw the Hurricane Owlet Moth on auction, he had an abnormally heavy heart. It was obvious that the Hurricane Owlet Moth was very suitable for his Insect Queen, but his current savings weren’t enough to bid for the Hurricane Owlet Moth.

But when Lin Yuan stood up to bid for the Hurricane Owlet Moth, Liu Jie recalled what Lin Yuan said to him. “This Hurricane Owlet Moth is suitable for your Insect Queen’s Platinum ability.”

At that moment, when Lin Yuan spoke, he must have already decided to bid for this Hurricane Owlet Moth for Liu Jie.

Liu Jie had already treated Lin Yuan as his own faith, but Lin Yuan’s actions still made Liu Jie involuntarily moved.

Liu Jie knew that a retainer knight was actually still a servant, but Lin Yuan had never treated him as a servant before. Being saved from a crisis and being treated sincerely was something that made Liu Jie feel all sorts of feelings, but he didn’t know what to say.

Saying thank you was too easy, and it felt too empty. Thus, the only thing that Liu Jie could do was to

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