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Chapter 215: Unconventional Bidding

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Liu Jie’s biggest problem was money, as he had lent all his money to Bai Hao before his Insect Queen had been injured.

Not long ago, Bai Hao had returned the money to him, but over 10,00,000 Radiance dollars was clearly insufficient for him to buy the Hurricane Night Moth.

Although Liu Jie said nothing, Lin Yuan could see his desire for this source-type lifeform through his eyes. Lin Yuan could not help but ridicule in his heart,I didn’t come to this private auction for nothing.

I need all these three source-type lifeforms—one for myself, one for Liu Jie, and the other for the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Lightning Sparrow King did not pause and continued to introduce the third source-type item. As he held the blood-red egg-shaped item in her hands, she said, “It should be the first time this source-type item is appearing, so it is unknown what exactly is its role. However, its contract condition is very simple.

“You just have to spend a large amount of spiritual energy for the contract. After the contract is successful, wait for the lifeform inside this egg to absorb all the blood energy inside until it can break through the eggshell. Only then will it appear.

“If you want to speed up the hatching, you can feed a large amount of your own blood.”

An auctioneer who was interested in this blood-red egg stood up and asked, “Lordess Lightning Sparrow King, how long does the source-type lifeform in this egg take to hatch? How much spiritual energy will it consume?”

The Lightning Sparrow King hid nothing. “The hardness of this eggshell can withstand the full force of a Diamond fey, so the fey inside needs to be able to break this eggshell first before it can hatch.

“It’ll consume around the spiritual energy needed to contract three Platinum feys. You’ll probably also need to feed your own blood for around ten years.”

The Lightning Sparrow King’s words made the onlooking Zhao Xiaochun smile.

Lin Yuan did not know what to say. Even people with very strong bodies could not feed this source-type lifeform a huge amount of their blood for ten years. They would die within a year. Ordinary people could not even survive a month.

Only A-rank spirit qi professionals could reach the spiritual energy required for three Platinum feys. However, which one of them would spend so much spiritual energy to contract an egg that would only hatch in a decade or so?

Even though the fey would at least reach Diamond when it hatched, the gains did not make up for the losses.

A-rank spirit qi professionals’ limit was feys up to pinnacle Diamond. Even if they did not have a Fantasy Breed and had been nurturing a fey, it was really not a big problem when it reached Diamond. Therefore, this source-type lifeform in this blood-red egg was incomparably weak.

However, thanks to Lin Yuan’s True Data, if the Deep Sea Blood Mosquito really hatche

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