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After glaring at Fang Duoduo, Zhao Xiaochun immediately returned to her lovely and elegant appearance and stepped forward to say, “Handsome, my name is Zhao Qingcheng. My courtesy name is Xiaochun, and my art name is Beauty. My home is in the Royal Capital. I’m a virtuous lady. Can I have your contact number?”

Fang Duoduo immediately took three steps to the side, as if he did not know Zhao Xiaochun. He could not help but ridicule,Zhao Xiaochun will never cure her smitten sickness.

At that moment, he suddenly saw a familiar figure walking to the young man clad in black. Liu Jie walked to Lin Yuan’s and Wen Yu’s side and said, “Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, I’ve made you guys wait for a long time.”

Fang Duoduo immediately walked forward and gave Liu Jie a strong pat on his shoulder before saying, “Liu Jie, you’re finally back!”

Although Liu Jie’s return had not yet been announced in the news by the Radiance Federation’s officials, the Radiance Hundred Sequence people already knew that he was going to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition this year.

Two years ago, Liu Jie had been Sequence #39 in the Radiance Hundred Sequence. Even though he had been missing for two years and his current strength was unknown, regardless of whether his strength had not improved at all, he had no problem being ranked at Radiance Hundred Sequence #70 to #80.

The fact that Liu Jie had come back to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition proved that his source-type lifeform, Insect Queen, had fully recovered.

Fang Duoduo and Liu Jie had met each other more than once both in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition and the Star Web Celestial Stairway duels.

Fang Duoduo had always kept in mind about Liu Jie’s terrifying strength. None of the Radiance Hundred Sequence people knew why Liu Jie had left the Radiance Hundred Sequence back then. Therefore, besides acknowledging Liu Jie’s strength, Fang Duoduo also respected him.

Liu Jie nodded and greeted Fang Duoduo before he said to Zhao Xiaochun, who was smitten with him, “Hey, Zhao Xiaochun. How come you’re still a smitten freak after two years?”

Compared to Fang Duoduo, Liu Jie was clearly a little more familiar with Zhao Xiaochun. He had teamed up with her for missions in the past.

Upon hearing Liu Jie call her a smitten freak, Zhao Xiaochun seethed with anger. “Liu Jie! I actually wanted to invite you for a meal, yet you actually called me a smitten freak! In that case, you’ll have to treat me to a meal instead!”

As Zhao Xiaochun said that, Lin Yuan saw a glimmer of anticipation in her eyes when she mentioned having a meal.

Liu Jie hurriedly waved his hand. “I’m afraid the restaurant owner would kick me out if I brought you for a meal. None of the restaurants in the Royal Capital dare hold any eating competitions because of you. Are you not aware of that?”

Upon hearing that, Zhao Xiaochun stole a glance at Lin Yuan, wishing she could immedi

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