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Chapter 268: Four Wings of Protection

Those spirit qi professionals with Platinum feys might be able to enter. In fact, they could also bring in two companions with pinnacle Gold feys. But for those spirit qi professionals who didn’t have Platinum feys, nor companions with Platinum feys, they would be stuck outside the valley. They weren’t even qualified to enter the valley.

Lin Yuan’s arrival attracted plenty of attention from the adventurers and the youths that were here to train.

“Kid, don’t go forward, just watch here. There is someone selling snacks over there, but the price is a little high.”

Lin Yuan looked to the side and noticed a fatty holding a pile of resources and hawking for sales. There were also a few other young people who were of similar age to the fatty. They were hawking and helping the fatty to sell the huge pile of resources.

The hawking calls made the atmosphere rather lively. Those that didn’t know would think there was a gathering for a performance.

Lin Yuan didn’t know whether to say that this fatty had a business mind or that he was too silly and reckless.

Lin Yuan walked to the valley entrance, which had a barrier made with the flowing flame-shaped fire element energy. Just as he was about to enter, a middle-aged adventurer pulled back Lin Yuan and said, “Do you wish to die!? A few fellows earlier were confident in their strength, but after just a few meters, they were all burned to death by the fire element energy. In the beginning, the fire element energy in the valley might only be the standard of a Silver fey’s attack, but now it already has the power of a Gold fey’s attack.”

As soon as this adventurer finished talking, another adventurer said, “Do you really think you are Black just because you are wearing a mask!? Even if you are Black, that strange plant and Silver/Fantasy avian species fey would only allow you to enter the valley filled with fire element energy.”

Lin Yuan raised his brows. *This brother seems to be very knowledgeable! If I use Red Thorn and Chimey, it is true that I would not be able to enter this valley that is filled with fire element energy. However, I don’t plan to use Red Thorn and Chimey to enter.*

If Lin Yuan wanted to enter this valley, he had two methods.

The first method was to summon the Silver/Fantasy Jasmine Lily and ask it to use its Heal ability on him. He would then fill his body with vitality energy to walk through forcefully. Even if the flowing flame energy injured him, the Jasmine Lily’s concentrated vitality energy would immediately heal the wounds. But if that was the case, Lin Yuan would have to burn off a layer of skin, grow a new layer of skin, and repeat the process of torture.

Lin Yuan felt that it was truly too forceful, and he wouldn’t be so cruel to himself.

However, Lin Yuan had a second method—that was to use the Source Sand to bury underground and travel until he was right underneath the flame vortex. The So

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