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Chapter 269: Twin Red Pagoda and Disk

The black wings were absorbing the light within the valley that was already scarce. It felt like an ink-colored ripple that was devouring the light in the air.

Before Lin Yuan received the attacks from the trio, he had constantly been cautious and on guard. Then now, the trio was truly caught unprepared by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan flapped the four black wings and stood on the palm that lifted him above the sea of sand. The palm had been blasted by the attacks earlier and was only left with the middle finger. Lin Yuan stood there and controlled the Source Sand to attack.

The three spirit qi professionals were currently struggling to break free. The two spirit qi professionals who had pinnacle Gold feys had encountered some terrifying attacks under the quicksand. All of their screaming and shouting had instantly vanished while their vitality sank into the quicksand.

The spirit qi professional with the Platinum fey quickly yelled, “Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me! Spare my life! I will do whatever you want me to do in the future!”

Lin Yuan heard the response. The icy cold eyes behind the mask were now flickering with murderous intent. “You don’t even have a Willpower Rune. How are you going to pledge your allegiance?”

Lin Yuan’s words stopped that spirit qi professional from speaking any other words to ask for mercy. Without any Willpower Rune, there wasn’t a way to swear an oath with the Willpower Rune. Without the Willpower Rune to bind one’s words, then there wasn’t any credibility.

Lin Yuan’s icy cold eyes looked at the spirit qi professional and his Platinum fey, Saber-Tooth Hunched Wolf, struggle in the sand.

Towards anyone who wanted to kill him, Lin Yuan would never be merciful. Even if this spirit qi professional possessed a Willpower Rune and wanted to pledge his allegiance, Lin Yuan wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

Anyone who had ideas of killing him, Lin Yuan would never spare that person. Therefore, he would never allow those who wanted to kill him to stay by his side as a servant.

Now that the Source Sand had created and accumulated sand for over a month, its strength was already far beyond the Source Sand’s regular strength.

The Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand’s regular strength was already equivalent to a Platinum fey. Now that the Source Sand was able to control a massive amount of sand that was boundless, its strength was already far beyond the limits of a Platinum fey.

As long as it wasn’t a flying Platinum fey, any fey that got trapped in this boundless quicksand wouldn’t be able to escape. Only Diamond feys would have the possibility of breaking free.

When the Source Sand created a huge amount of sand to form the quicksand, it was no longer a simple attack method. The elemental source-type lifeform had used its characteristics to form a natural disaster.

The spirit qi professional and its Platinum fey rapidly exhausted their spirit qi due to th

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