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Chapter 263: The Green Flaming Light That Burst Toward the Sky

The sky within the abyss dimensional rift was constantly dark red in color, and it wasn’t possible to tell the difference between day and night. As such, it was very easy to forget about time when training inside an abyss dimensional rift. One would only realize that a long time had passed when they were exhausted and needed a rest.

The ground was still purplish-black as far as the horizon could reach. Rugged rock ravines would form flat and smooth surfaces, which seemed like it was formed by lava that flowed past.

The air had a concentrated sulfur smell, and anyone who had to constantly remain in an environment with a temperature of 50 degrees would need to constantly replenish themselves with water.

Time passed by quickly, and Lin Yuan had already been training inside the abyss dimensional rift for an entire month. Lin Yuan was already used to the abyss dimensional rift’s harsh environment.

A Class 4 Horn Terror Demon was struggling violently inside the tumbling quicksand. While struggling, the Horn Terror Demon would spit out viscous fluid, and it was probably fine to call it brown flames.

Class 4 Horn Terror Demons had the strength of Platinum feys. The Horn Terror Demon’s viscous fluid had a brown flame that had extremely powerful withering effects.

If a Platinum plant fey were to get stained with a little of the brown flame, its roots would be immediately damaged. The stained place would start to wither. If more of the flames got onto the body, the Platinum fey’s vitality would slowly get burned by the withering flames.

The Horn Terror Demon that was still struggling inside this small surging quicksand suddenly turned silent. It seemed like it was instantly killed by something aggressive and unstoppable inside the quicksand.

The Class 4 Horn Terror Demon was the evolved version of the Class 2 Horn Demon. Due to the complicated genetic model of the Class 2 Horn Demon, it had extremely high potential in evolving.

In fact, there were some Class 2 Horn Demons with extreme talent that could further evolve into the Class 5 Inferno Horn Demon.

A Class 5 Inferno Horn Demon’s battle prowess was already equivalent to a Diamond fey and was already considered to be the pinnacle of combat strength in an uncontrolled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift.

The Class 4 Horn Terror Demon, which was equivalent to a Platinum fey, was still unable to resist against the Platinum III/Flawless Heart-Penetrating Ironline’s all-out attack.

Lin Yuan let out a breath.

Lin Yuan had been training in the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift for the past month. After experiencing a month of blood and flames, Lin Yuan had a clearer understanding of his own strength. At the same time, he had achieved true teamwork with the Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand.

Given their teamwork, Lin Yuan could just use his thoughts to command the Source Sand to the greatest

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