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Chapter 256: Adjusting the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone

Lin Yuan took the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box from Wen Yu and checked it. He found all sorts of supplies arranged in different categories inside, with each kind of supplies meticulously placed inside in a fixed position. She had even carefully packed each meal. Clearly, she had spent great efforts to do so.

Lin Yuan had specially customized this amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box from Ostrich Logistics, and it had taken half a month before it reached his hands.

This fey storage box was different from his previous leaf-shaped and beetle-shaped Diamond fey storage boxes. Both were brooch-shaped, but this amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box was like a cufflink.

Lin Yuan wore this amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box on his cuff and let the source-type Source Sand fit on the fey storage box on his cuff.

That way, when he used the Source Sand in the future, no one would notice the amber-button-like item at his cufflinks disappearing for no reason. This was also a method for him to hide his source-type Source Sand.

Hu Quan came up at this moment and said with a chuckle, “Lin Yuan, I wonder if you still take what you’ve said about the completely jade-textured wood seriously?”

When Lin Yuan looked at Hu Quan’s eager expression, he knew that if he did not give these completely jade-textured materials to Hu Quan, he could not sleep well tonight.

Lin Yuan would go out to train early tomorrow morning and would not be in the mansion during this time. He took out all the remaining completely jade-textured wood in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

As Hu Quan looked at the completely jade-textured pieces of wood that were emitting all sorts of color, he could not help but stare at them. He was so happy that he wowed like a child.

“Uncle Hu, see which parts of the mansion need to be decorated with these completely jade-textured pieces of wood. You can take the initiative to design. When I return from my training, I’ll give you another batch of completely jade-textured wood.”

The completely jade-textured pieces of wood that Lin Yuan had given Hu Quan were intended to be used in the mansion.

If Lin Yuan were to trade with other affluent families, he would only need to take out the entire piece of jade-textured wood.

Those affluent families generally worshipped high-class Spirit Craftsmen. For elegant items like the completely jade-textured wood, which was like gold and jade, only when it was designed into something the owner wanted would it then be able to complement.

Lin Yuan did not have any of the completely jade-textured wood on hand. Since he wanted to integrate the space in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the best use of space within was to divide it reasonably. He would use the plane and height of the space.

Therefore, Lin Yuan let Hu Quan tear off a few pieces of large platane wood to make him two huge shelves.

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