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Chapter 257: The Fey That Makes All Creation Master Crazy, Flower Brocade Pearls

Lin Yuan still had to accumulate a large batch of rare wooden materials. Once the wooden materials turned jade-textured in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan would take them out and store them in the beetle-shaped fey storage box. He would then load up another new batch of ordinary wooden materials on the plantane wood rack. This way, there wouldn’t be any wastage of space in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

As for those precious feys that would transform under high concentration of spirit qi, Lin Yuan already had a plan.

Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store was only selling Silver Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish right now. He could add on another product for buyers to choose from. Lin Yuan believed that when the feys that could transform under high spirit qi concentration appeared in his Purchase With No Loss store, everyone would use all methods to snatch the product.

However, Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to sell such feys for Radiance dollars. Instead, he was planning to trade for rare spiritual ingredients that seldom appeared in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. Spiritual ingredients like the Gold metal, Day and Night Spirit Silver.

Such spiritual ingredients might be sold in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, but it wasn’t that easy to purchase them. Otherwise, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have put up the offer of any species of Bronze/Epic fey in his store.

Lin Yuan logged onto the Star Web and ordered a massive batch of mid-grade energy ores from Zhou Jiaxin, who had a flabbergasted expression. Lin Yuan delivered his beetle-shaped fey storage box to Zhou Jiaxin by using the Ostrich Logistics. He then asked Zhou Jiaxin to fill the beetle-shaped fey storage box before sending it back to him.

Otherwise, if they wanted to deliver such a huge batch of energy ores through the Ostrich Logistics, it wouldn’t be so easy.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan visited a wood material store and spent nearly 100 radiance dollars to purchase a huge batch of precious wood.

The wood that Lin Yuan prepared previously wasn’t considered expensive species. Apart from the red sandalwood, the rest were only considered ordinary species. The rarer the wood, the higher the price it would fetch when it was jade-textured.

For this purchase, Lin Yuan only picked five species of rare wood from the store. They were the yellow rosewood, wenge, ebony, green elm, and phoebe zhennan.

These five species of wood would fetch the highest price in the market when they were jade-textured. Since Lin Yuan wanted to accumulate funds, he was naturally going to nurture wood that had better prices in the market when jade-textured.

Of course, Lin Yuan had also purchased a few huge pieces of superior agarwood. Once these pieces of agarwood were completely jade-textured, Lin Yuan planned to make it a lifestyle consumable in his mansion.

As for the fey that would transform under a high

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