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Water-type spiritual ingredients and qi-type spiritual ingredients were extremely easy to obtain. When the Elemental Shellfish was in an environment with concentrated spirit qi, and once it was guided with a single element of spiritual ingredient, it would quickly mutate.

After purchasing this batch of resources, Lin Yuan received them after slightly over an hour.

Lin Yuan picked 100 String of Pearls out of the 1,000 and placed them in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. He then placed a portion of the wood onto the plantane rack, filling up two full racks. The Spirit Lock spatial zone was now fully utilized by Lin Yuan.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan was going to guide the four Elemental Shellfish and mutate two of them into Aquamarine Elemental Shellfish, and the other two would mutate into Celestine Elemental Shellfish.

At the same time, Lin Yuan placed the crystal egg that contained the Floating Island Whale into the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Lin Yuan sensed for a moment and realized that the Floating Island Whale’s egg still wasn’t absorbing the concentrated spirit qi within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan knew that he would still need the pure water element and pure qi element before the Floating Island Whale’s egg would absorb the concentrated spirit qi along with the elements. By then, the Floating Island Whale would start to get incubated.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help thinking about this Floating Island Whale’s extraordinary situation. Had it not been brought out from the deep sea by the Gao family and met Lin Yuan, it wouldn’t have been possible for it to be hatched.

The deep sea contained a high concentration of spirit qi, and it was enough to fit the spirit qi condition for regular Island Whales. The sea also contained a large amount of water elements, so once a regular Island Whale received enough spirit qi and water elements over an extremely long period, it would hatch from the crystal egg.

However, the Floating Island Whale didn’t just need spirit qi and water elements. It required the qi element too. There wasn’t any qi element within the deep sea, so even if the Floating Island Whale was a powerful mutation, mother nature didn’t have the intention to allow such a mutation to continue living.

Lin Yuan handled the four infant Elemental Shellfish that had already awakened and circulated the spiritual power before he injected spirit qi into the Elemental Shellfish. When the Elemental Shellfish reached Bronze X/Epic, he immediately stopped.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan took out a water element spiritual ingredient, pieces of an extremely common Bronze seaweed that grew in the ocean. The high concentration of spirit qi and the Bronze seaweed’s water elements caused deep blue patterns to appear on the two white Elemental Shellfish’s shells.

The deep blue patterns looked just like sea waves. At the same time, when the Elemental Shellfish opened up, the flesh inside had also gradually turned light blue. Ul

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