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Lin Yuan looked at the flaming green light that burst into the sky in the distance and felt the tinge of green that had dyed half of the Class 3 dimensional rift’s purple-red sky. He furrowed hard.

Although his elemental source-type lifeform’s intelligence wasn’t high and its thoughts were relatively one-sided, Lin Yuan found many abnormal points through the images the Source Sand transmitted through its connection with his mind.

This was definitely not simple.

After the Source Sand had dug through the still-hard barrier, it had immediately transmitted a burning sensation.

Lin Yuan knew that the Source Sand was being attacked either by a demon with flames or the flames from the plant that contained a huge amount of spirit qi.

However, after he sensed the Source Sand’s burning sensation, he was certain that this flame could not have come from any of the abyss dimensional rift’s demons.

This was because the burning sensation did not contain the power of destruction and wilting. Instead, it gave off strong vitality. It was as if the burning sensation itself was creating life.

The abyss dimensional rift would also have some spiritual materials that were almost all of the fire element, so Lin Yuan was not surprised at all of this.

He sensed the rich unconcealable vitality in the flaming green light that burst into the sky and then compared it with the flame in contact with the Source Sand and the properties contained in that burning sensation.

Lin Yuan speculated that the flaming green light that rose in the distance had been released after he had ordered the Source Sand to dig through the not-so-solid barrier.

He sensed Source Sand’s current state, and after a moment of thinking, he told it to continue to bring the fist-sized plant that contained a huge amount of spirit qi.

When the Source Sand received Lin Yuan’s command, it immediately started to move. Suddenly, he sensed pure fire-element energy through the source-type Source Sand.

Just after he sensed this, a flaming red light burst into the sky and covered up the flaming green light, which had already dyed half of the Class 3 dimensional rift’s purple-red sky.

After this dense flaming red light burst into the sky, a heavy crimson vortex appeared in the sky that was filled with a crimson flowing flame, composed of huge amounts of fire elements in the Class 3 abyss dimensional rift.

It quickly absorbed the fire-element energy in the surrounding space. In an instant, Lin Yuan felt that the temperature in this Class 3 dimensional rift seemed to have lowered due to the huge amount of fire elements drawing away the heat.

The sand grains that the Source Sand created to wrap the plant containing a huge amount of spirit qi dissolved into fluids the moment the crimson flaming light shot up in the sky.

However, the Source Sand itself did not suffer any substantial damage. After all, the sand grains were just a drop in the bucket from the gra

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