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Chapter 271: Epiphany! Twin Red Pagoda’s Salvation!

There was nothing else in this golden metal disc except for this small tree. It was about half a meter tall and looked very elegant yet strange.

Its leaves were a pure golden color that was unlike as tacky as the color of metal. Instead, it was like the color emitted by the most dazzling sun in the afternoon.

Its trunk and branches were very plain brown, but this brown trunk had a strange pattern that Lin Yuan found familiar at a glance.

He immediately recalled the phoenix plumes that Hu Quan had carved on the platane wood shelf in his Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan felt that the trunk’s and branches’ pattern was like the phoenix feathers Hu Quan had carved on the platane wood.

However, the texture on the platane wood in the Spirit Lock spatial zone was carved by hands, while the one on the trunk and branches on this elegant yet strange small tree were naturally grown.

The golden leaves on the branches of this small tree were in the shape of five claws. In Lin Yuan’s opinion, they seemed to be like the claws of avian feys but not as sharp as theirs.

This half-meter-tall small tree grew toward the south, and its branches and leaves ringed together like a golden bird’s nest.

The more Lin Yuan looked at it, the more he felt that the branches and leaves of the half-meter-tall small tree were growing in the shape of a bird’s nest.

There seemed to be a thin fur layer on the leaves that emitted a soft glow with a sense of holy beauty. The pattern on the trunk that was like phoenix plumes was absorbing the huge amount of spirit qi from the roots of the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower. It was flowing with a dazzling golden glow, looking divine and extraordinary.

Lin Yuan did not know what kind of fey this elegant and strange small tree was and its uses, but he would be able to know once he summoned Morbius and used True Data on it.

However, Lin Yuan did not want to summon this small tree out of the golden disc. If he risked summoning it, this small golden tree would not be able to absorb spiritual power from the roots of the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower. It would likely experience unpredictable changes with the flame energy in this flame vortex.

The Twin Red Pagoda’s support flower had produced the Lifeform Sacrificial Fire at that moment.

As long as the small golden tree’s spirit qi absorption from the roots of the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower was cut off, the Twin Red Pagoda’s support flower would instantly wither upon sensing the matured Lifeform Sacrificial Fire.

If the support flower withered, this Twin Red Pagoda would only be left with an almost withered main flower and a matured Lifeform Sacrificial Fire.

The Lifeform Sacrificial Fire was ranked seventh among the world of fire-element spiritual materials because of its original characteristics.

With the injection of a large amount of fire elements from the red vortex, the

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