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Lin Yuan flapped his four wings and flew very skillfully in the air. This was not his first time using the Day and Night Spirit Silver-feathered wings to fly.

During the previous month or so of training, he had not only mastered the skill of manipulating the source-type Source Sand, but he had also learned how to use its Metal Consume Manifestation wings to fly.

At that time, he had chosen the Day and Night Spirit Silver as the second metal for the Source Sand’s Metal Consume Manifestation to consume partly because it was almost weightless.

The Day and Night Spirit Silver wings could allow Lin Yuan to fly faster and save more spiritual power while flapping them.

At present, the Day and Night Spirit Silver feathers differed greatly from before. After referencing many avian feys, Lin Yuan had decided on the feather shape of the Platinum avian fey, Divine Travel Black Swallow.

It had to be said that although it was uncomfortable sitting on the Divine Travel Black Swallow, its feather shape determined its specialty at flying.

Of course, Lin Yuan had also made certain improvements to the Divine Travel Black Swallow’s feathers. He had reduced the thickness at the edge of the feathers so that the feathers became sharper, and many bubble-shaped hollow parts were created in the feathers.

These improvements could allow the limited one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver to spawn more feathers.

After Lin Yuan injected spiritual power, the feathers’ hollow parts would turn from black feathers to white feathers. This could greatly increase the white feathers against external attacks and provide cushioning protection due to the Day and Night Spirit Silver’s metal characteristics.

Lin Yuan’s current flight speed was extremely fast, almost as fast as an ordinary Gold avian fey. However, he needed to consume a certain amount of spiritual power for such flights.

Even though he did not channel the spiritual power to the Day and Night Spirit Silver to allow the feathers to become white, flapping these four wings still consumed spiritual power.

It was unlike the many sand grains the Source Sand had created under the ground that could be freely controlled with its consciousness.

While Lin Yuan was flying, the Source Sand was also rapidly creating sand grains. At the same time, the previous yellow sand gathered toward the flame vortex’s direction.

Back when the flame that contained the lifeform aura had shot up to the sky, the middle-aged man at the entrance of the dimensional rift, spying on the adventurers who had entered the dimensional rift, looked appalled and horrified.

At that moment, almost all the adventurers who were training in the Class 3 dimensional rift saw the flaming green light burst into the sky. They also saw the flaming red light that covered the flaming green light, forming a flame vortex.

In the abyss dimensional rift, such a situation would only be possible because of the

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