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Chapter 259: Five Major Types of Dimensional Rifts

Lin Yuan had already made plans for his venture outside to train. If he were to visit the Endless Forest again, then he would still be obtaining similarly rare feys that were rather low-grade.

Lin Yuan was a Creation Master, and it was easy for feys to develop a good impression of him, so the amount of danger that Lin Yuan would encounter in the Endless Forest was very limited. Given Lin Yuan’s current strength, even if he encountered a Platinum fey, the Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand would still have the capability to fight back.

In fact, if Lin Yuan controlled the Source Sand himself, he could even kill weaker Platinum feys without much effort.

The Source Sand’s capability was developed in an all-rounded manner—defense, offense, and control were all well developed. However, since Lin Yuan had enhanced the Fantasy Breed Source Sand to the Gold grade and upgraded the exclusive skill, Metal Consume Manifestation, for the second time, the Source Sand’s defensive capability was increased significantly.

If Lin Yuan asked the Source Sand to produce the Gold metal, Day and Night Spirit Silver, to form feathers and assemble the four wings, he only had to circulate his spiritual power to change the black wings of massacre into white wings of protection.

The white wings of protection were able to defend against an all-out attack from a Platinum fey. However, in order to resist the all-out attack, Lin Yuan would need to use plenty of spiritual power to let the Day and Night Spirit Silver wings distribute the attack force to the surrounding environment.

Moreover, the Source Sand’s exclusive skill, Gravel Spirit Acceptance, hid the Heart-Penetrating Ironline that was equivalent to a Platinum III/Flawless fey. With a surprise attack, there were only a few Platinum feys that could resist the attack.

Furthermore, as a Creation Master, Lin Yuan wasn’t willing to massacre feys in the Endless Forest.

As such, if Lin Yuan wanted to experience a training of life and death, then there was nowhere more suitable than the inside of a dimensional rift.

The Mother of Bloodbath responded, “There are a total of four types of dimensional rifts that are still open in the vicinity of the Royal Capital. It’s already under control, so people may enter to train. Which kind of dimensional rift do you want to go?”

There were five types of dimensional rifts in total. Apart from massive numbers of dimensional lifeforms, each dimensional rift would produce spiritual ingredients that could only be found in dimensional rifts. All these spiritual ingredients were great items that Creation Masters could use to concoct a spirit fluid to enhance the feys’ quality.

Therefore, almost every major city in the Radiance Federation would control a dimensional rift in the vicinity. Apart from allowing the Radiance Federation’s young generation to train in the dimensional rifts, it was also to allow a

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