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Chapter 272: The Bottomline of Chimey’s Mutation Again (1/3)

Long ago, Lin Yuan had experienced the Mother of Bloodbath promote from Myth I to Myth II. After it had gained a new lease of life after the destruction, he had a vague feeling of epiphany. Although he could feel this epiphany feeling, he did not understand it.

Lin Yuan had been present as the Diamond X/Legend Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia was comprehending a Willpower Rune to reach Suzerain at the Radiant Moon Palace’s entrance. In order to accumulate energy, it had withered the flowers and green leaves, only to wait for the next bloom.

Such a scene had let Lin Yuan have a better understanding of that vague feeling that he could not understand earlier.

It now seemed that the Twin Red Pagoda’s support flower had spent its life nurturing a fire. Although the support flower had withered, it had gained a new lease of life through the Lifeform Sacrificial Fire.

Lin Yuan only felt that a Willpower Rune containing the willpower of nurturing a new lease of life in destruction suddenly appeared in his spiritual spatial zone.

He was now only left with two Willpower Runes in his spiritual spatial zone. During the extreme massacre under the dimensional rift outside the Redbud City’s Xia Region and the other during the new lease of life after the destruction, he had comprehended one of them.

Although this Willpower Rune contained a kind of endless vitality, it was different from the Willpower Rune that Lin Yuan had obtained by watching the revival of the plants on the green hill and had fused with the Jasmine Lily.

This Willpower Rune was very special. Such destruction referred to stimulating one’s potential after being badly wounded and welcoming a new life.

The Willpower Rune he had obtained from the revival of the plants on the green hill was suitable for healing-type feys. However, this new Willpower Rune that he had comprehended was suitable for combat-class feys.

There was the feeling of ‘cleaning up the old mountains and rivers’ and starting the battle again.

Somehow, Lin Yuan felt that this newly acquired Willpower Rune was more suitable for Red Thorn than the Willpower Rune he had acquired under extreme massacre. His epiphany was completed in just a moment.

He had now comprehended six Willpower Runes. He had given one to the Jasmine Lily and Chimey respectively to allow them to become Fantasy Breeds, and another two to the contracted source-type Source Sand.

The remaining two Willpower Runes were unsuitable for the Spirit-Gather Goldfish, Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, and Genius. Instead, they were suitable for Red Thorn. He had to choose exactly which Willpower Rune to use when Red Thorn became a Fantasy Breed.

Just as Lin Yuan crushed the spirit qi crystal that he had placed on the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower, the main flower greedily absorbed the extremely pure and majestic spirit qi from the broken spirit qi crystal.


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