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Chapter 261: Strange Middle-Aged Man

Lin Yuan rubbed Little Zao’s head, and just as he was preparing to stand up, he felt a gaze that seemed like it was monitoring him. It was a gaze that wasn’t from a passerby. This gaze had a secretive and prying gaze.

Lin Yuan looked toward the gaze’s direction and noticed a middle-aged man sizing him up. The middle-aged man looked unassuming and nearly didn’t have any sense of existence.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan suddenly turn around, the middle-aged was startled as he never expected Lin Yuan to do so. He attempted to hide his prying appearance and laughed heartily as he walked over.

“Hey! Kid, you are also acting as Black, right? There are plenty of silver-masked adventurers entering this Class 3 abyss dimensional rift every day, but it seems like Little Zao is the closest with you.”

Lin Yuan’s face behind the mask immediately frowned. This unassuming man might be speaking in a very natural manner, but when Lin Yuan turned around, he personally saw the prying expression before it instantly changed.

Had Lin Yuan not been wearing Genius’ Tool Transformation silver mask, he wouldn’t have noticed this indication. When wearing the silver mask, Lin Yuan might have been looking at Little Zao, but his senses toward the surroundings were extremely sensitive.

Everything within 40 meters, including the blind spots behind Lin Yuan’s head, was within Lin Yuan’s sensory perception. Genius’ Tool Transformation silver mask might not be able to see through the assassinations plotted meticulously by high-ranked spirit qi professionals. However, Lin Yuan was still able to sense this middle-aged man’s prying eyes.

Lin Yuan had lived two lives, so he had an additional lifetime of experiences. Therefore, he was able to understand what certain expressions meant. The middle-aged man’s prying eyes actually concealed a trace of anxiety. However, the anxiety wasn’t because of Lin Yuan.

On the contrary, it seemed like the concealed anxiety was the reason that this middle-aged man was prying and sizing up Lin Yuan, who had just entered the Class 3 abyss dimensional rift. It also meant to say that the middle-aged man was sizing Lin Yuan to see if Lin Yuan was going to be the person that could influence the uncertainty.

The middle-aged man’s appearance was unassuming, but Lin Yuan used Genius’ Normal ability, Precise Memory, to memorize this middle-aged man’s aura and figure.

Little Zao waved her small hand toward the middle-aged man who suddenly spoke and greeted. “Hello, Uncle.”

The unassuming middle-aged man sized up Lin Yuan a few more times before he waved to Little Zao and went back to the side to size up other adventurers who had just entered the dimensional rift.

When the middle-aged man left, Little Zao then said to Lin Yuan, “Big Brother, this Uncle has been here for over two years, but this Uncle is very strange.”

Lin Yuan asked softly in return, “Why does Little Zao feel th

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