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Chapter 262: First Battle, Powerful Source Sand

This group of Class 2 demons was Horn Demons. Horn Demons were considered Class 2 dimensional lifeforms with the most notorious reputation in the abyss dimensional rift.

Each of the Horn Demons had a giant spiral-shaped horn with a strange fire pattern at the horn’s tip. Each Horn Demon was about the size of a bull. Its thick and robust limbs allowed the Horn Demon to have shocking power when charging.

When the Horn Demon charged forward, the horn with the fire pattern would release withering sparks after smashing into the target. At the same time, the Horn Demon could also spit out flames with withering properties.

The Horn Demon had great physical strength. Even if it was only equivalent to a Silver fey, its physical strength was comparable with some of the Gold feys’. Moreover, it could spit out withering flames.

Its extraordinary physical strength and the withering flames allowed the Horn Demon to have individual combat strength that was considered at the top of all Class 2 dimensional lifeforms.

That was why the complicated genetic model of the Class 2 Horn Demons had its benefits. However, such a complicated genetic model wasn’t that suitable for Liu Jie’s Insect Queen and Lin Yuan’s Source Sand.

If Liu Jie’s Insect Queen was to consume an insect species fey with a complicated genetic model like the Horn Demon, the amount of spiritual power required to reproduce such a complicated genetic model would be significantly higher than other insect feys.

Similarly, for Lin Yuan’s Gold/Fantasy Source Sand, the Gravel Spirit Acceptance could accept the Heart-Penetrating Ironline, which was equivalent to Platinum III/Flawless. However, if it accepted a Horn Demon, the Gravel Spirit Acceptance could only accept a Horn Demon that was at the pinnacle of Gold/Flawless.

The Gold/Flawless Horn Demon might be extremely powerful among the Gold/Flawless feys, but as compared to the Platinum III/Flawless Heart-Penetrating Ironline, there wasn’t a need to even compare them.

The variety in attacks allowed the Horn Demon to become a dimensional lifeform that was proficient in both elemental magic and physical capability. However, the Heart-Penetrating Ironline had a very simple and single type of attack. It relied on its slender and hard ironline body to assassinate the target with shocking penetrative power.

However, Lin Yuan had to admit that the pressure coming from this small group of Horn Demons felt as though it was stronger than a small wave of insects.

It was obvious that the group of Horn Demons had noticed Lin Yuan. After seeing Lin Yuan, the bull-like Horn Demons let out strange but abnormally loud roars before they started charging at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan calmly reached out one hand while he watched the group of around 50 Horn Demons charging toward him.

The moment Lin Yuan raised his hand, the ground underneath the Horn Demons collapsed. The purpl

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