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Chapter 266: Dragon Gate’s Appearance

There was a youth wearing dark blue traditional clothes. He was standing on a piece of protruding purple-black rock and facing the scarlet red whirlpool that was rapidly absorbing fire elements.

There was one red and one blue jellyfish floating in midair and revolving around the youth in dark blue clothes. A youth with bowl-cut hair commanded a giant stingray, which was entirely dark blue and had some strange light blue patterns.

The giant stingray was rapidly slaughtering a group of Class 3 abyss lifeforms, Horn-Tailed Demons. They were considered the demons among the Class 3 demons to have the toughest physical defense.

The Horn-Tailed Demon’s strongest attacks would be to brandish the three scale-armored tails with spikes to lash and sting. When being lashed by this scale armored tail, even Silver metals would be broken. If the spikes on the tail were to sting, most of the Silver metals would be immediately penetrated.

However, this small group of Horn-Tailed Demons, equivalent to Gold feys, was easily sliced up into countless pieces by this giant stingray. The group of Horn-Tailed Demons was desperately lashing their tails on the giant stingray. However, even with all the tails’ spikes, they weren’t enough to harm the giant stingray.

In fact, when the tails lashed on the water barrier around the stingray, there weren’t even any obvious ripples.

This youth with the bowl-cut hair was none other than Fang Duoduo.

The Dragon Gate Guild Club had entered this controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift for over a month. During this period of time, a total of nine members from both the main team and reserve team had been training on the battlefield and building teamwork with their feys.

For individual combat, one would need to consider how to fight efficiently with multiple feys. The distribution of spiritual power, combination of abilities, and exclusive skills between each fey would decide on the combat power and combat style.

For a group of spirit qi professionals, the consideration during combat wasn’t that big a difference. It was still the combination and coordination of abilities and exclusive skills between multiple feys. However, instead of an individual’s strength, it would be a group’s strength.

When a veteran spirit qi professional team was in combat, they wouldn’t summon all of the feys. Each individual would only summon two feys or even just one main fey to coordinate.

They would try to distribute most of the spirit qi to their strongest fey, allowing for the best efficiency in the usage of spirit qi. During special circumstances, they would then summon other feys to counter or respond.

In many situations during team combat, those feys that weren’t the main force would block damage or use attacks that inflicted negative statuses.

At this moment, the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s original nine members were now left with four. One of the main team m

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