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Gao Feng handed this ice-blue jade brocade box to Lin Yuan and said, “Brother, I will ask my family to send you the four infant Elemental Shellfish from Wind Mist City through Ostrich Logistics.”

Lin Yuan accepted the jade brocade box that was producing cold air and did not reject it. He saw huge dark-blue scales of some kind of fey that contained very strong water energy and dragon power when he opened it. Clearly, this scale was from a powerful dragon-species fey that lived in the ocean.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and stored this ice-blue jade brocade box into his leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

Upon seeing that, Gao Feng also put the jade-textured agarwood into the flower-shaped Diamond fey storage box on his wrist.

Presenting each other gifts after the trade was an expression of goodwill and befriending each other. Gao Feng was naturally very happy about such a situation.

When he saw his two Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lilies and the Bronze/Epic Yellow Spring Lily, he felt happy yet with a bit of headache. Even though he had become a pure support-type spirit qi professional now, he had never solved the problem of having no teammates, which made him feel frustrated.

When Lin Yuan saw Gao Feng’s expression changing as he looked at the three Bronze/Epic feys he had nurtured, he asked, “Are there any problems with the exclusive skills that these Bronze/Epic feys learned at Bronze?”

When Lin Yuan had been enhancing these three Spirit Spring Lilies, he had promoted them to Epic when they were at Elite. When they reached Bronze, he had three chances for their exclusive skills.

In his opinion, his choice of exclusive skill for any of them was very good no matter which one it was. Lin Yuan’s choice at that time was based on Gao Feng’s situation.

Gao Feng quickly replied, “That isn’t the case. The exclusive skills of these two Spirit Spring Lilies or this Yellow Spring Lily at Bronze are very suitable for me.”

Speaking of this, Gao Feng felt it was really a coincidence. In his mind, he would never have imagined that Lin Yuan had deliberately chosen the feys’ exclusive skill at Bronze according to his own situation. He just thought that Lin Yuan originally had these three Bronze/Epic feys.

Gao Feng had changed his mind to the Spirit Spring Lilies, but he had never told Lin Yuan. It had only been over four hours since then.

In such a short period, Gao Feng would not dare to guess that these two Spirit Spring Lilies and this Yellow Spring Lily had just reached Bronze/Epic.

He sighed three times in a row and said, “I only contracted a Breeze Hibiscus, but it has become a Gold Fantasy Breed fey.

“Together with these two Spirit Spring Lilies and this Yellow Spring Lily, all my four contracted feys are pure support-type feys. I now might not be able to beat a spirit qi professional with a Silver power offense-type fey.

“For some reason, my father wants me to take part in the Radiance Hundred Sequen

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