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Lin Yuan looked at his current state and involuntarily took a deep gasp. Immediately after, Lin Yuan controlled the four wings that were formed with the Day and Night Spirit Silver feathers.

When the four wings fluttered, Lin Yuan’s legs started to float off the ground and into mid-air. Now that he was in mid-air, Lin Yuan attempted to brandish the black-feathered wings.

The Day and Night Spirit Silver didn’t have much weight, however, the feathers were abnormally tough. When shot out, they felt just like black thunderbolts that could devour light.

The black feathers were shot at Lin Yuan’s designated target. The Day and Night Spirit Silver feathers fell into the Source Sand’s yellow sand. They instantly vanished and fused into the yellow sand. Subsequently, the feathers that fused into the yellow sand were reproduced, forming a perfect cycle.

After experimenting with the Day and Night Spirit Silver feathers’ attack speed, Lin Yuan took a piece of very durable ferromanganese out of the Gold fey storage box. He then threw it far away with strength.

Five black feathers turned into thunderbolts that directly penetrated the ferromanganese, leaving behind five indistinct marks.

Lin Yuan nodded silently. The black feathers formed by the Day and Night Spirit Silver might not be able to break Platinum feys’ defense. However, Gold defense-type feys wouldn’t be able to withstand it. This was the damage that the black feathers could deal.

The Source Sand’s second exclusive skill, Metal Consume Manifestation, didn’t really use up spiritual power. At the same time, the first exclusive skill, Sand Control, further reduced the low spiritual power consumption.

It meant to say that if Lin Yuan didn’t pour spirit qi into these black wings formed by the Day and Night Spirit Silver to negate damage, the spiritual power consumption was nearly negligible.

When Lin Yuan chose to use the Day and Night Spirit Silver to form the black wings, one of the factors was because he wanted to increase his defensive capability. On the other hand, due to the Day and Night Spirit Silver being a light metal, the air currents produced when the wings fluttered were enough for Lin Yuan to take flight.

As a spirit qi professional, only those at the S-rank would be able to stand in mid-air and travel across the sky. However, Lin Yuan was still a C-rank spirit qi professional but already possessed the ability to fly.

Being able to fly in combat would allow Lin Yuan to be more agile. He could even fly into the air to avoid attacks from the ground. Such agility was actually more effective than enhancing the defensive capability.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan attempted to inject spiritual power into the black wings. The moment spiritual power was poured into the wings, they turned white and looked as though they were glistening with white light.

The pitch-black wings earlier gave off a mysterious and dark feeling. Now that the wings were whi

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