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Chapter 244: The Future Will Be Written by You

The Radiance Sacred Hall was very wide, and very few people could apply on Star Web and get approved to go there.

It was now late at night, so it was silent inside the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Lin Yuan found out that he was the only one outside the Radiance Sacred Hall at the moment. Since he had obtained the qualification to enter the Radiance Sacred Hall, he could walk around as he wished inside.

He did not rush to apply for the qualification to compete in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition but chose to walk around outside the Radiance Sacred Hall. As he walked, he looked carefully at the simple yet magnificent scenery outside the Radiance Sacred Hall.

There were rows and rows of statues outside the Radiance Sacred Hall that seemed to belong to the past Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

There were three kinds of carved statues. The first type was a golden statue, where there was a huge golden stone slab behind it, with great achievements and merits written on it.

Only the Sequence members who had been honored in the Radiance Hundred Sequence for a decade and had retired gloriously were eligible for this gold statue.

The second kind was a silver statue, which referred to the Radiance Hundred Sequence members during their tenure.

The third kind was a bronze statue that represented the members who had been successfully selected to the Radiance Hundred Sequence but had been eliminated outside the Sequence.

The gold, silver, and bronze statues stood quietly in rows and columns.

Lin Yuan knew that behind each of these statues was a true pride of the Radiance Federation.

Regardless of the color, the statues represented those who had entered the Radiance Hundred Sequence but had been eliminated. They were all the Radiance Federation’s proudest backbone.

After walking through the rows of statues, he saw a gallery of five kilometers. The painted walls were ordinary limestone slabs that were carved with exquisite murals.

Lin Yuan looked over at each of them. An inexplicable feeling of shock would emerge in his heart with every step he took in the gallery. This was because the five-kilometer gallery’s murals depicted all the big events that the Radiance Federation had experienced in the past 100 years ever since the Spirit Qi Awakening.

This gallery was akin to a solemn chronicle, and behind this chronicle was the reason that humans could be called the wisest among all creatures.

This was because humans had something that could transcend all other living beings—civilization.

Lin Yuan did not know how long he had walked, but he walked through the five-kilometer gallery step by step. After seeing this gallery, he felt he suddenly had a deeper interpretation of radiance.

He looked at the seven big characters written on the blank part on the last panel of the gallery and suddenly smiled silently. The seven words were ‘The Future Will B

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