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Chapter 255: The Beginning of Lin Yuan’s Faction

The Moon Empress waved her hand and said warmly, “Go. I’ll make you delicious food when you come back.”

It was very late at night when Lin Yuan went down the Leaning Moon Mountain, with a chilly autumn breeze blowing on him. It suddenly gave him an indescribable feeling. This was the feeling of ambition and noble aspirations.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, a man should be big-hearted. Even if they did not go brave through life and death tribulations or wander the entirety of this murky world, they should seek any gratitude or revenge while they were young.

Lin Yuan now did not have too much external pressure, be it for survival or improving his strength. Even if he felt pressure in terms of strength, it would be something he gave himself. Having such strength at the age of 18 could be said to be a young hero.

Just when he heard his master’s words, he suddenly had the idea of forming his faction. Although he had also developed the idea of establishing a guild club, it could not be considered a faction.

Lin Yuan now had the Floating Island Whale, a fey that could be called the world’s strategic resource. He could establish a faction of his own on the Floating Island Whale’s back. It would grow to be like a behemoth supporting a floating city on the back.

The Floating Island Whale could carry the city on its back on the ocean surface and float between the clouds.

If Lin Yuan built the faction on the Floating Island Whale’s back, his established faction could go anywhere in the world.

It could be said that the Floating Island Whale was the foundation for Lin Yuan to establish a faction. However, how many resources would he need to consume to establish such a huge faction?

The collection of resources had become a primary problem that Lin Yuan had to face. Previously, he had also begun to collect source-type items without caring whether he or his friends could use them. He only regarded these source-type items as strategic resources.

Now that he intended to establish a faction of his own, his speed of collecting strategic resources could obviously only be considered a drop in the bucket.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan thought of Gao Feng’s reaction when he saw the furniture made from completely jade-textured wood.

As a core member of Wind Mist City’s richest Gao family, Gao Feng still loved and cherished the jade-textured wood. It could be seen how wide the market for jade-textured wood was among the rich families.

Rather than saying this jade-textured wood was so rare that one could not find it, it was a lot more compared to some truly rare spiritual materials and feys.

This situation occurred because many people with status in the Radiance Federation madly sought after this completely jade-textured wood, and the market was really too vast.

As soon as jade-textured wood appeared on the market, the big families would crazily grab them right away.

These a

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