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This jade luster was very lustrous as if it carried a natural elegance. Such a feeling was familiar to Gao Feng, who came from a wealthy family, because he placed a flower carving made of jade-textured willow wood at the head of his bed.

Gao Feng had yet to enter the mansion, but he could sense the glow during the daytime. He knew there was only one possibility. There were many things made of completely jade-textured wood in the mansion.

When he stepped into the mansion, he suddenly felt that he was not as confident as before. As someone from the richest family in Wind Mist City, it was also ranked among the wealthiest in the entire Radiance Federation. He was the only direct descendant of the Gao family, so the pride and vision in him were beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

Even though Gao Feng was pleasing Lin Yuan very much, it was also because Lin Yuan had the Bronze/Epic fey that he needed. He would exchange the Gao family’s useless mutated Island Whale with Lin Yuan, hoping to show his family’s strength and wealth so that Lin Yuan knew the benefits of trading with the Gao family.

As Gao Feng, a direct descendant of the Gao family, now looked at the mansion’s furnishings, his pride was gone. He certainly recognized the Glow-Winged Butterflies, Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses, and Five Fortune Ranchus. In Gao Feng’s eyes, he converted these Bronze/Flawless feys into Radiance dollars.

A few among them likely had the potential to evolve into Bronze/Epic. It was too extravagant and amazing to raise such feys in the mansion.

Although Gao Feng could not name the three koi, he still had discerning eyes. They were superior auspicious feys, and each of them could be worth dozens of Bronze/Epic feys.

Besides, the completely jade-textured furniture and the red sandalwood fish tank used as a feature wall let Gao Feng clearly realize how deep the mansion owner’s foundation was.

The jade-textured wood was not absent in the Gao family, but most of it had been made into ornaments and relief sculptures. Those made into furniture would inevitably be damaged from being knocked against.

In Gao Feng’s opinion, casually using the furniture made from jade-textured wood could be considered an act of being prodigal.

The Gao family’s main residence was next to the mountains and close to the water, and the decoration inside with a thousand-year heritage seemed to be less luxurious than the decoration and furnishings in this mansion.

Gao Feng withdrew the pride he had for this trade.

If it was to be said that he had only regarded Lin Yuan as a brother on the surface before, he really wanted to be friends with Lin Yuan now.

Gao Feng’s mind was very flexible. There was no harm fawning upon this youth before his eyes.


As a son of an affluent family, he had a measure of the strength and status of the people in his friends’ circle. In his opinion, only people with similar strength and heritage could become frie

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