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Every creature had spirituality, and the elemental source-type Source Sand was the same as well. Its low wisdom was akin to a baby that had yet to be born.

After sensing the Source Sand’s mental request, he could not help but nod secretly. It was really as he had guessed.

The Source Sand’s exclusive skill would be enhanced alongside its grade.

The Source Sand had asked him which exclusive skill to enhance by sending a mental request. Its three exclusive skills were Sand Control, Metal Consume Manifestation, and Gravel Spirit Acceptance.

Its bronze-grade Sand Control could not be enhanced again, so only Metal Consume Manifestation and Gravel Spirit Acceptance were left.

It had comprehended these two exclusive skills from the two Willpower Runes when it had metamorphosed into a Fantasy Breed.

Lin Yuan sensed the enhancement methods for these two exclusive skills and pondered. If he chose to enhance Metal Consume Manifestation, it could only devour an additional kind of metal or change into an additional form.

On the other hand, if he enhanced Gravel Spirit Acceptance, it could devour an additional kind of fey or dimensional lifeform. It could then devour two kinds instead of one.

Regardless of Metal Consume Manifestation or Gravel Spirit Acceptance, the Source Sand’s limit was all based on its grade. There was not the slightest improvement after enhancing, so enhancing it was merely a diversified change.

However, Lin Yuan was secretly shocked. This additional change was equivalent to raising the Source Sand’s strength to another level.

Nevertheless, he did not decide right away. Instead, he let the Silver I/Fantasy I Source Sand once again transform into yellow sand.

He threw the spirit qi crystals one after another into the yellow sand and allowed it to absorb them. After consuming nine of them, the Source Sand advanced from Silver I/Fantasy I to Silver X/Fantasy I.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and continued to throw the spirit qi crystals into the yellow sand until all the remaining ten were gone.

The pile of yellow sand on the ground suddenly flared and gave off an amber luster. Wisps of yellow sand rose into the air and condensed into an amber crystal button.

As Lin Yuan saw the Source Sand become a Gold Fantasy Breed, he could not help but clench his fist. After the Source Sand reached Gold I/Fantasy I, his strength would no longer be stuck at the Tier-2 level of the younger generation.

If he really reached the Tier-1 level, that would be the strength of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. At that strength level, he would have to hone his combat skills.

A duel between experts was usually a fierce one. Just a move or a chance would decide the real victory or defeat. If you are one move ahead, you win; if you are one move behind, you lose.

There were some changes to the Gold/Fantasy Breed Source Sand’s appearance. Although it was still as simple without a sense of existence, just li

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