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Lin Yuan had already made plans to go out for training early tomorrow morning, so he agreed to meet Gao Feng at 3 p.m.

After completing the deal with Gao Feng, Lin Yuan had to go see his master, the Moon Empress, at the Radiant Moon Palace at night to have a final question-and-answer practice before going out for training.

Since there were only less than four hours left, Lin Yuan immediately logged onto Star Web and went to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion to purchase the Spirit Spring Lilies that Gao Feng had chosen.

For the support-type plant fey, Spirit Spring Lily, although it was relatively rare and expensive, it was not too hard to buy it in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. That was because it was a kind of purely support-type fey without a high demand in the market.

The Spirit Spring Lily did not have offensive capabilities or control capabilities. Rather, it was a support-type plant fey that could inject a large amount of spirit qi into other feys’ bodies to increase the strength of their abilities.

While the high-grade Spirit Spring Lily activated its ability, the spirit qi that gushed out of its bud was like a spouting spirit spring.

Although the Spirit Spring Lily’s support ability was very powerful, its spirit qi professional was in an awkward situation, as the spirit qi professional could only rely on their teammates, no matter what.

If it were to be said that it was just like Poison Beauty’s situation—where her contracted feys were extremely suitable for Star Tower duels and not a team of spirit qi professionals—then this contracted Spirit Spring Lily’s spirit qi professional would only be suitable to join a team and not the Star Tower duel.

However, after a support-type spirit qi professional contracted a Spirit Spring Lily, they could be comparable to a healing-type spirit qi professional in a team.

This kind of spirit qi professional was even more powerful than a healing-type spirit qi professional in certain teams. However, the premise was that one needed to have a stable and reliable team of spirit qi professionals.

Lin Yuan somewhat did not understand. Gao Feng had contracted a Breeze Hibiscus, which was a kind of support-type plant fey that condensed spirit qi.

These three Spirit Spring Lilies were clearly in line with Gao Feng’s fey compatibility, and he was obviously going to contract them.

Lin Yuan could not help but reveal a puzzled expression. Was Gao Feng trying to make himself into a battlefield spirit qi launching silo?

The higher the grade of a fey like the Spirit Spring Lily, the more obvious its role would be in a team. This meant that the Spirit Spring Lily was a kind of fey that had extremely high requirements for resources.

Since the Gao family was the richest family in Wind Mist City, Gao Feng naturally had the means to provide for three Spirit Spring Lilies. It was just that such a way of pairing feys was a bit too extreme.

Lin Yuan was the kind of person who

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