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Chapter 251: Floating Island Whale

Upon seeing that Lin Yuan was listening seriously, Gao Feng continued speaking, “This mutated Island Whale is always showing some rejection when absorbing spirit qi and water elements. Whenever a Creation Master concocts some concoction that is rich with spirit qi and water elements, the mutated Island Whale can only absorb a slight amount of the concoction. I don’t wish to hide this from you, brother. Even with my Gao family’s wealth, it is impossible to hatch this Island Whale.”

Lin Yuan was currently using True Data to check on the mutated Island Whale that had yet to hatch from the crystal egg.

But True Data displayed that this crystal egg wasn’t called the Island Whale anymore. It was actually called Floating Island Whale.

[Fey Name]: Floating Island Whale

[Fey Species]: Baleen Whale genus/Humpback Whale species

[Fey Grade]: (Unhatched)

[Fey Type]: Qi/Water

[Fey Quality]: Normal

This Floating Island Whale wasn’t just a water-type fey. It actually had dual types of qi and water.

When checking True Data’s information, this Floating Island Whale was truly a pleasant surprise for Lin Yuan.

When regular Island Whales upgraded into a Fantasy Breed, they would grow into sea islands of various sizes according to their strength.

On the back of the Island Whale, the contractor could conduct any construction to their desire.

The Island Whale was a fey that was born from the ceremony of whale fall in the ocean, so any ocean feys would attack it.

In fact, when Island Whales were attacked, the majority of the ocean feys would actually protect the Island Whale.

The Island Whale didn’t have any special attack methods, but it didn’t mean that the Island Whale was weak. On the contrary, only a rare few lifeforms of the same grade could withstand a smash from the Island Whale.

Furthermore, the Island Whale was just like a moving fortress. The real attacks would always be from the back of the Island Whale.

But this Floating Island Whale’s difference with regular Island Whales was that the latter could only form an island on its back. However, the Floating Island Whale had two choices. It could either form an island in the sea or construct a floating city by flying up to the sky.

Lin Yuan did hear of what Gao Feng said earlier. Lin Yuan placed his hand on the crystal egg and attempted to inject spiritual power into the Island Whale egg.

Lin Yuan noticed that the Floating Island Whale’s crystal egg would also reject the concentrated spirit qi that he transferred.

By using True Data, Lin Yuan understood the reason. Although the Gao family had been trying to hatch the egg, they hadn’t utilized the crucial point.

In order to hatch the Island Whale, large amounts of spirit qi were required, but spiritual ingredients with huge amounts of water elements were also required. Only then would the Island Whale be able to hatch.

It was also the same f

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