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Chapter 240: Four Wings on The Back

Lin Yuan clicked on the Star Web messages’ automatic filtering function to filter and sort the buyers who wanted to purchase.

The filtering of messages was based on the message content, which also meant that the buyers’ messages included the verification of two source-type lifeforms and one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver.

Lin Yuan found that among the messages that Star Web helped to filter, there was the seller that he had wanted to buy the Day and Night Spirit Silver from just now, Ushering in Wealth and Prosperity.

Lin Yuan opened the message and saw the verifications for the two unorthodox source-type items and one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver, as well as a message that made him raise his brows.

Ushering in Wealth and Prosperity: “Boss, I was busy just now, so I was slow in replying. It’s a pet phrase when I refer to myself as ‘Young Master’. Don’t mind that.”

Lin Yuan was not a fool, so he could naturally understand what he meant. If that really was a pet phrase, then why would Ushering in Wealth and Prosperity bother explaining it?

Lin Yuan replied to him.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “I’ll sell it to you if you give me two cubic meters of Day and Night Spirit Silver and three source-type items.”

Then, Lin Yuan closed Ushering in Wealth and Prosperity’s message and chose among those who had sent him messages on the source-type items and decided on a buyer with two source-type items that were not too unorthodox.

Lin Yuan could not use these source-type items, and likewise, those around him could not either.

However, source-type items were a fortune that would never depreciate. Thus, storing up a bit of source-type items was akin to enriching his reserves.

In the end, Lin Yuan finalized the deal with a buyer called Listen, who chose a Bronze/Epic power offense-type canine fey.

It was not much of a skill to easily come up with the Gold Day and Night Spirit Silver, but being able to take out two source-type items casually showed that person’s great capability. Such a person was either a king-class and above expert or a core member of an affluent family.

However, all these messages were very polite without exception, with a sense of ingratiation. Listen also wanted to ask for a slot in Lin Yuan’s friend list.

There was no risk of being cheated when trading on Star Web.

Since the deal had been reached and the purchase order had been signed, the party that called the deal off would have to bear a large amount of penalty fee. At the same time, if the other party breached the transaction, Star Web would contact the relevant departments to pursue responsibility.

In serious cases, not only would they be punished severely in the real world, but they would also be disqualified from logging onto Star Web.

Therefore, Listen, who had just finished the transaction with Lin Yuan, mailed over one cubic meter of Gold Day and Nigh

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