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Chapter 252: Elemental Shellfish

Lin Yuan’s voice echoed in a calm manner. “Earlier on, you mentioned that your Gao family tried to nurture this mutated Island Whale. Then your Gao family must have the Elemental Shellfish, right?”

As soon as Lin Yuan’s voice faded, Gao Feng’s originally nervous expression immediately turned serious. He was currently weighing the value of the Elemental Shellfish and the Bronze/Epic Yellow Spring Lily.

Even if the Yellow Spring Lily was the support-type fey that Gao Feng dreamed of having, Gao Feng didn’t know if he should accept Lin Yuan’s condition. Gao Feng knew that since Lin Yuan offered to make a trade with the Elemental Shellfish, it was obvious that Lin Yuan had already made his decision.

If Gao Feng didn’t agree to trade with the Elemental Shellfish, then it was highly possible that he might lose this Bronze/Epic Yellow Spring Lily. However, the Elemental Shellfish was something that even a direct line descendant like him couldn’t decide on his own.

Gao Feng pondered for a moment before replying, “Brother, you want the Elemental Shellfish to nurture the Island Whale yourself? The cost and resources required to nurture the Island Whale and Elemental Shellfish isn’t a small sum.”

Lin Yuan didn’t try to hide and nodded. “Since I decided to trade for this mutated Island Whale, I naturally want to try.”

While Gao Feng looked at this crystal egg containing the mutated Island Whale, his eyelids were constantly twitching. He clearly knew how many resources this mutated Island Whale had cost the Gao family. It was simply a bottomless hole.

If the Gao family couldn’t make any progress after trying to nurture this mutated Island Whale for such a long time, Gao Feng didn’t think that Lin Yuan would be able to hatch this mutated Island Whale.

However, Gao Feng noticed Lin Yuan’s determined expression earlier and didn’t know how to persuade him.When Lin Yuan looks for a Creation Master to concoct the spirit fluid to nurture this mutated Island Whale, he will probably back out from this difficult situation.

As for the Elemental Shellfish, Gao Feng hesitated and extended four fingers. “If you wish to trade with the Elemental Shellfish, I cannot even provide one adult Elemental Shellfish. I can only provide four infant-stage Elemental Shellfish that are still dormant.”

Lin Yuan contemplated and shook his head. “Isn’t Brother Gao too petty to only provide four dormant, infant Elemental Shellfish? This is a Bronze/Epic Yellow Spring Lily. If Brother Gao misses it, you will not be able to find it anywhere else.”

Lin Yuan heard that it was a must to use the elemental pearls produced by the Elemental Shellfish to nurture the Island Whale. He had learned of this when he had been having the question and answer sessions with the Moon Empress.

Lin Yuan had felt that it was rather interesting and noted it down. He didn’t expect that he would actually be able to obtain a mutated

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