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Chapter 451: Lin Yuan, Fish Meat, Delicious

Apart from energy, how much protein was required to produce so many insect-species fey?

Liu Jie could really afford to support it.

At the same time, Lin Yuan’s Source Sand was not idle. This was the shore. Although there were many reefs, the sandy beach at his feet was mostly sea sand. Therefore, it was very easy for the Source Sand to create sand.

However, Lin Yuan found that the sand on the shore was wet. After being soaked in seawater, the sand would become heavier. Thus, controlling the wet sand was far less comfortable than when controlling dry sand.

At this time, Zhou Luo, who Lin Yuan had informed earlier, had also arrived.

The Shield Ladybugs that Liu Jie’s Insect Queen had spawned had now gathered at the shore and erected their back armor to form a solid wall. Only a few of them still remained around for protection.

When Zhou Luo saw the large group of insect-species feys at the shore, particularly the combination of the Shield Ladybugs, Lightning Gathering Moths, and Plasma Caterpillars, he immediately thought of a person—Liu Jie, the ‘Heart of Insect Swarm’, who had just returned to the Radiance Hundred Sequence and ranked #30 just a short while ago.

At first, when Zhou Luo had been interacting with Liu Jie, Liu Jie would wear a strange mask.

After that, although he had seen Liu Jie’s true appearance, Zhou Luo, an inferior king-class expert who was always running around in order to improve his feys, rarely had time to be immersed on Star Web.

At first, Zhou Luo only felt that Liu Jie looked familiar as if he had seen him somewhere before. He only thought that Liu Jie might look familiar and didn’t think much about it. But now, he didn’t expect that Liu Jie was the Radiance Hundred Sequence #30 prodigy.

Zhou Luo had been afraid of attracting too much attention by riding on a flying fey to this shallow coastal sea and people keeping an eye on him.

The Guild Alliance branch that Zhou Luo had visited to ask for information was near this coastal sea, so he had jogged all the way over here.

Lin Yuan looked at Zhou Luo and asked, “Has the Lava Iguana been promoted to Diamond?”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Luo’s eyes were filled with gratitude, and he answered, “Young Master, the Lava Iguana has now evolved into a Lava Dragon Lizard thanks to your Flawless Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flowers and that tube of Diamond dragon-species blood.

“At the same time, it successfully promoted to Diamond with the energy of this bloodline awakening.”

Zhou Luo then summoned the evolved Lava Dragon Lizard. It actually belonged to the Varanus genius and evolved from the six-meter-long Lava Iguana.

At present, the Lava Dragon Lizard was nearly 12 meters long. Even though it wasn’t a very large lizard-species fey among the Varanus genus, it could be ranked in the upper class.

The Lava Dragon Lizard had two heads, one of the earth attribute, while the other

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