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Chapter 452: The Bottom of the Sea Where Life Is Cut Off

Lin Yuan revealed a puzzled expression. As its father, he had to explain to Red Thorn what real fish meat was.

How could such smelly things like the Gold water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh be called fish meat?

Immediately afterward, Lin Yuan recalled that Red Thorn had seemed to have devoured the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh of its own accord in the Spirit Lock spatial zone back then.

Apparently, Red Thorn’s subconsciously found the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh more to its taste.

Lin Yuan scratched his head. Did Red Thorn like to eat something more, the more smelly it was?

He saw that the red ribbon on its vines was a little dirty, so he untied it and replaced it with a new red ribbon specially made by Wen Yu, tying it into a delicate double bow.

Red Thorn was so happy that its 12 red flowers immediately moved. It was just like the sound of a naughty child playing on the keyboard. It seemed Red Thorn should interact with Chimey more to enhance its musical talent.

At that moment, the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee flew out of Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish. Just as it was going to land on Lin Yuan’s shoulder, Red Thorn’s vine squashed it onto the ground.

After being squashed, the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee hurriedly went far away from Lin Yuan. It landed on Red Thorn’s corrosive cavity that had metamorphosed into a sac with an obedient look.

Previously, when Lin Yuan had summoned Red Thorn, Zhou Luo and Listen had felt that the fey he had summoned looked very strange.

However, after the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee flew out of its Mouth of Relinquish, and seeing what the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee looked like, their jaws almost dropped to the ground in surprise.

Wasn’t this bee-like fey one of Black’s many feys that were the hottest on Star Web?

If so, wasn’t this strange plant fey Black’s fey that could spread a sea of flowers? The very one the many Scholars could not come up with a specific conclusion?

This strange plant fey seemed to have evolved and was completely different from its image on Star Web.

The mysterious Black on Star Web was none other than Lin Yuan!

Listen and Zhou Luo only knew that Lin Yuan was the Purchase With No Loss store owner, a powerful faction was backing him, and emperor-class experts surrounded him.

His outstanding foundation had made them ignore Lin Yuan’s strength, and Lin Yuan had never taken the initiative to show it.

Now that they discovered Lin Yuan was the most mysterious, heroic youth Black on Star Web, the image of Lin Yuan in their mind changed. Not only was his foundation deep, but he was also powerful!

He didn’t only win back-to-back on the Celestial Stairway with no defeats. It could be said that he had vaguely reached the standard of the Radiance Hundred Sequence in terms of combat power.

This sudden discovery of the secret mesmerized Listen and Zhou

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