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Chapter 443: Still Buying?

Lin Yuan knew that the Zheng family would look for him. To be frank, the Zheng family simply wanted to find out his status.

After calling for the assassinations on Listen, the Zheng family had already consecutively lost two king-class experts. One of them was even a pinnacle king-class expert.

The loss of the pinnacle king-class expert was already enough for the Zheng family to be apprehensive toward Listen. Therefore, before the Zheng family was able to find out the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s backer, they wouldn’t make a move on Listen first.

Since a pinnacle king-class expert was already dead, they would need to mobilize an emperor-class expert if they had to make another move.

The battle between emperor-class experts would involve Law Runes and power of law. It wasn’t like the battle between king-class experts which could be controlled.

If an emperor-class expert was to make a move recklessly, things might go overboard.

At this sensitive period, Lin Yuan had appeared beside Listen. Therefore, the Zheng family was obviously trying to ensure the relationship between Lin Yuan and Listen.

Lin Yuan was also waiting for this opportunity as he wanted to know if it was the Zheng family’s main family or the third lineage that had been targeting the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Before Lin Yuan could turn around to talk, Wei Dabao, who had been on the receiving end of Shan Liang’s frenzied attacks, whistled and said, “Zheng Wenbo, didn’t you just receive a beating from your lineage’s brothers? I heard that your father transferred you to study in the Royal Capital?”

“Instead of staying in the Royal Capital, why did you bring your annoying shoehorn face here?” Shan Liang looked at Zheng Wenbo, her eyes filled with contempt and disgust.

The sinister-eyed Zheng Wenbo had already noticed Wei Dabao and Shan Liang, who stood beside them. However, Zheng Wenbo didn’t bother about Wei Dabao’s words as though he didn’t hear him.

However, Zheng Wenbo, whose expression was already sinister, had turned even darker.

When Lin Yuan turned around, Zheng Wenbo extended his hand and pointed at Lin Yuan before saying, “It is just a mask, give it to me, and maybe I’ll let you be my friend.”

Seeing Zheng Wenbo ignore him, Wei Dabao immediately said in a loud tone, “Oh!? It has just been a few months, Wenbo. You know how to act arrogant now, huh?

“People who don’t know you might think your Zheng family’s third lineage has become the main family, and you, Zheng Wenbo, have become the official Young Master Zheng!

“Isn’t that right? Shan Liang?”

When Shan Liang heard Wei Dabao mentioning her, she snorted and said, “Don’t talk to me. Talk to me again, and I will hammer you to death.”

Wei Dabao’s mouth twitched, but his eyes flashed with vague expectations.

Zheng Wenbo’s sinister face instantly turned so gloomy because of Wei Dabao’s words that it seemed like

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