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Chapter 453: The Retreating Vines

Listen calendar and said once again, “There were many shellfish feys at that time. Those two Poisonous Water Sea Eels scampered into the large shellfish feys to hide their forms. Thus, when I sent people to capture them, it wasn’t much effort at all.”

When Lin Yuan heard Listen’s words, he could determine that the life in this sea had been cut off, and it had happened within these three months.

Lin Yuan had always felt that Red Thorn’s Eyes of Relinquish consumed too much. At first, he thought it was the normal consumption of spreading its sea of flowers in the sea. After all, he had never commanded Red Thorn to launch an attack in the sea before.

After sensing the state of the bottom of the sea through the sea of flowers, Lin Yuan suddenly discovered that the vine ramets were rooted at the bottom of the sea. Therefore, only those very close to the shore could draw energy from the bottom of the sea.

The further they were away from the shore, the less energy the vine ramets could absorb in the sea.

The energy at the bottom of the sea seemed to have been exploited thousands of kilometers away from the shore without a trace left, causing the entire sea bottom to become unusually barren.

Lin Yuan pondered while letting Red Thorn continue using its Eyes of Relinquish release spores in this sea. Its Eyes of Relinquish had gradually been used.

But one part of its sea of flowers had already exceeded the range of the coastal sea of the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce. Lin Yuan’s perception became extremely poor for this distant sea range.

However, he could sense Red Thorn’s other vine ramets had absorbed some faint flesh energy in other seas. That faint flesh energy feedback could have been that the vine ramets captured a fish fey.

This meant that there were lives in the other seas, and there was no life just in the sea where the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce was located.

The Zheng family had suddenly started to take action against the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce three months ago.

The Zheng family, one of the three major affluent families in Indigo Azure City, would naturally investigate this coastal sea since they valued it so much.

Therefore, it was impossible for the Zheng family’s third lineage not to know that there were no more abundant shellfish feys in the coastal sea of the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Since the Zheng family was so imperative to get this coastal sea that was completely barren and had no more shellfish feys, it meant that the third lineage must have a grasp of the secret of why it had become so barren.

Before Lin Yuan could think about it, he suddenly sensed a dramatic change of Red Thorn’s sea of flowers at the distant sea, seemingly twined by a large number of things in a flash.

It was unknown what these things were. But, the moment the sea of flowers made of vine ramets were twined, Lin Yuan could sense

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