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When Wei Dabao heard Zheng Wenbo berating him, Wei Dabao’s face revealed a vaguely excited expression.

But immediately after, Wei Dabao realized that Shan Liang had already left. As such, Wei Dabao didn’t bother about Zheng Wenbo, whose expression had cracked open. Wei Dabao flung his purple hair flirtatiously and chased after Shan Liang.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath’s strange and pleasant voice echoed in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Lin Yuan, the elder behind the youth, possesses Myth Breed feys, and he has more than one.”

Lin Yuan cast a glance at the elder standing behind Zheng Wenbo. The elder had a straight back and was giving off a cedar-like aura.

Lin Yuan’s eyes turned a little solemn. It seemed like this elder should be the emperor-class expert from the Zheng family’s third lineage.

From the standing position of the elder, one could see that this elder wasn’t from the Zheng family’s main family. If he was from the main family, he wouldn’t be standing behind the young master of the Zheng family’s third lineage.

Since the Zheng family’s third lineage had found him, they might have also looked for Liu Jie and Listen!

However, Lin Yuan wasn’t worried about Listen and Liu Jie’s safety.

With Endless Summer protecting them in the dark, there was probably no one in the Indigo Azure Sea Market that could harm them.

However, the appearance of this elder in front of Lin Yuan meant that the Zheng family’s third lineage was willing to mobilize an emperor-class expert in order to take over the coastal sea in the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s control.

This virtually expressed the attitude of the Zheng family’s third lineage. It made Lin Yuan even more curious about the Zheng family’s third lineage’s passion toward this coastal sea.

Lin Yuan quietly looked at this Young Master Zheng with an amused expression. After hearing what the purple-haired youth said earlier, this sinister-looking youth should be the person backing the Iron Wall Chamber of Commerce in the Royal Capital.

The pinnacle king-class expert that Endless Summer had killed had probably been sent by this sinister-looking youth too.

Under Lin Yuan’s attention, Zheng Wenbo’s expression looked increasingly unpleasant.

This is simply too shameful! I originally wanted to use the method of seeking trouble to test the foundation of this youth in the strange mask. But I just had to mention the mask. Now that Wei Dabao knows, everyone within my circle will probably know too. This is the same as letting myself die in society.

Just as Zheng Wenbo was about to speak, Lin Yuan spoke. “Since you are feeling bashful, then I shall not force you to buy it.

“If you wish to buy something in the Indigo Azure Sea Market, you better check your capability in order not to shame yourself.

“Of course, it is the same logic for anything else.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan kept the Blood Brew Grapevine into the amber button-shaped fey storage

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