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Chapter 437: Lin Yuan Is a Devil

When the vendor heard Lin Yuan’s words, his suppressed anger was instantly ignited.

He kicked on the iron cage containing the three Red Water Blood Snakes and cursed, “These three trash snakes ate all three of my Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. What a big loss!”

At that moment, the vendor looked at the blackboard on the water tank with the words:10 Radiance dollars for one deep-water Butterfly Shell. No bargaining. Any bargainers will have their rice pot explode!

He felt it should be changed into:One deep-sea Butterfly Shell for 12 Radiance dollars! No bargaining! Any bargainers will have their teeth explode!

The Indigo Azure Sea Market vendors were not allowed to go out once they came in.

If they went out, it would be akin to giving up the right to set up a stall in the Indigo Azure Sea Market.

He had bought a three-day stall card for a full 150 Radiance dollars. If he went out halfway, he would lose all the 150 Radiance dollars.

After the Indigo Azure Sea Market started, supplies were not allowed to be transported inside through Ostrich Logistics. There was nothing he could do to buy a Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

When Lin Yuan saw the vendor’s reaction, he chuckled and summoned a Bronze I/Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish from the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

After he summoned it out, rich spirit qi immediately spread and made the masks made of completely jade-textured silk thread that Lin Yuan and Liu Jie wore on their faces, and the completely jade-textured white sandalwood rice beads embroidered on Lin Yuan’s moon-white spirit qi clothes to light up with a hazy jade-textured luster.

However, the concentration of spirit qi released by this Bronze Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was not too high.

Therefore, the luster emitted by Lin Yuan’s and Liu Jie’s masks was not obvious under the clear sun. However, the luster from Lin Yuan’s completely jade-textured white sandalwood rice beads made the five kinds of blessing patterns become distinct, causing Lin Yuan to look very worldly.

The vendor looked at the bright rice beads on Lin Yuan’s body curiously and asked, “Brother, isn’t the fluorite on your body heavy?”

Then his eyes never left the palm-sized Five Fortune Ranchu in Lin Yuan’s palm. His gaze was full of hidden desire.

When Listen, who was at the side, heard the vendor’s words, he blinked with some dismay. This vendor was really insightful to recognize the completely jade-textured white sandalwood as fluorite. Fluorite, which emitted a luster in daylight, was generally used to make stone sculptures, and even tacky people wouldn’t wear them as an accessory.

Lin Yuan ignored the vendor’s words and asked, “Boss, are you interested in this Bronze I/Elite Five Fortune Ranchu? It has reached Elite at Bronze I and has a high possibility of breaking through to Flawless or Epic at Bronze X!”

When the vendor heard Lin Yuan’s words, he gulped and asked, “You want to trade this

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