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Chapter 445: Iron Bucket Sister Plan 3.0—Launched!

Lin Yuan saw Liu Jie and Listen running toward him, and he rushed forward to meet them and thought,Did the people from the Zheng family’s third lineage really went to find trouble with Liu Jie and Listen?

Just as Lin Yuan was about to ask, Liu Jie said with some urgency, “Lin Yuan, come with us. There is a piece of Mountain-Containing Embryo.”

When he heard that, his pupils fiercely shrank, and his eyes were full of joy.

Lin Yuan now had a total of four Fantasy Breed feys—the Source Sand, Jasmine Lily, Red Thorn, and Chimey. Chimey’s quality had improved after metamorphosing into a Fantasy Breed fey, so Lin Yuan didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

As long as Lin Yuan could provide enough strange flames for his Heaven and Earth Fey, the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree, it was possible to raise Chimey to Fantasy V.

Lin Yuan also didn’t have to worry about Red Thorn. As long as Red Thorn kept eating, it could be promoted from Fantasy I sooner or later.

However, after Jasmine Lily and the Source Sand became a Fantasy Breed, Lin Yuan didn’t do much in terms of quality improvement.

Lin Yuan had been stuck at the C-rank spirit qi professional rank. He wanted to rely on the spiritual power of a C-rank spirit qi professional to promote a Fantasy Breed fey’s quality but to no avail.

He had tried thinking of a way, but these treasures to enhance the quality of Fantasy Breeds were too rare. Lin Yuan had not been able to find them, even if he tried to do so.

The Mountain-Containing Embryo that Liu Jie had mentioned was a kind of treasure that could enhance earth-type Fantasy Breed feys and source-type lifeforms and was considered a rare strategic-class resource.

Although the Source Sand was of the sand element, it was also considered a variant of the earth element and belonged to the same element.

Of course, strategic-class resources like the Mountain-Containing Embryo did not only enhance the quality of earth-type Fantasy Breed feys and source-type items.

However, in Lin Yuan’s mind, this Mountain-Containing Embryo’s greatest use on him was to promote the Source Sand from Fantasy I.

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Listen quickly headed toward the stall where the Mountain-Containing Embryo appeared. Before he reached the stall, Lin Yuan noticed many people gathered around it.

Seeing this situation, Lin Yuan was a little anxious. He saw that most people were watching the fun. He, Liu Jie, and Listen pushed aside the crowd to squeeze inside. He emerged from the crowd and arrived at the transaction location next to the stall.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed an old man looking through an eyepiece and carefully examining a brownish-yellow spherical object that was half the size of a fist.

This brownish-yellow spherical object was very inconspicuous, like a potato. It was slowly beating in the old man’s hands like an embryo with life.

The s

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