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Chapter 436: Black-Hearted Or Stupid?

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard this vendor knock on the tank and say, “Take a look at the price of these deep-sea Butterfly Shells first before you decide. You’ll have to pay first at my stall.”

Lin Yuan only saw a small blackboard attached to this large tank with the words:10 Radiance dollars for one deep-water Butterfly Shell. No bargaining. Any bargainers will have their rice pot explode!

Lin Yuan blinked when he saw the price. This vendor was also too ruthless. How could people suffer from their rice pot exploding!

It was fine if it was smothered rice that exploded, but if it was cooked porridge, that would be akin to receiving a rice scalding plastic surgery service.

This vendor’s deep-sea Butterfly Shells were just the most common ones, and they were sold for 5 Radiance dollars on Star Web at most.

Such an item was actually sold at double the price in the Indigo Azure Sea Market than on Star Web.

This vendor was really not ambiguous about its price!

It was a gamble to purchase the deep-sea Butterfly Shells. If the pearls’ quality was good, one could get their capital back and earn money.

After Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to check the over 30 deep-sea Butterfly Shells in this large water tank, he found that they were actually substandard shells without pearls.

Furthermore, these 30 deep-sea Butterfly Shells had been severely corroded in the deep sea. They could no longer be polished into Butterfly Shell flowers for feys to eat and slowly stimulate the dragon-species bloodline within their body.

At most, they would be polished into shell powder and sprinkled in the water to improve the water environment.

The substandard shells in the water tank should be the worst batch of Butterfly Shells left after rounds of screening. However, they were faked by the vendor through some means.

This vendor had clever counterfeiting methods. If Lin Yuan hadn’t used True Data to check those deep-sea Butterfly Shells, he would really have misjudged.

He didn’t expect that someone would openly sell such a quality of substandard shells that were worth less than 1 Radiance dollars on Star Web.

The price of Radiance dollars spent by this vendor for counterfeiting was higher than that of the deep-sea Butterfly Shells.

He was really so black-hearted doing such a business!

Lin Yuan naturally wouldn’t buy such deep-sea Butterfly Shells. There was no difference between buying such substandard shells and spending 50 Radiance dollars to buy a pile of trash.

The vendor looked at the masked youth glancing at the deep-sea Butterfly Shells in the water tank. He was observing them seriously as if he was thinking about which one to buy.

He couldn’t help but hum a song,

It’s natural to counterfeit, and the technology is at its peak.

Effortless success by the pitfalls of deception.

Painstakingly for the transmission of skills.

It seems to be sel

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