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Chapter 446: Burning Sunflower

Lin Yuan now finally understood why most people in front of the fat boss’ stall were watching the fun but didn’t come forward to trade.

If their offer didn’t go through with the fat boss, they wouldn’t even have the chance to continue to talk further.

“Boss, this fairy source-type lifeform’s contract condition is too difficult. If we can’t find a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master to help with this source-type lifeform, it’ll also be defective even if we can contract it.”

The fat boss rolled his eyes when he heard Lin Yuan say that.

“If it weren’t for the contract conditions, I wouldn’t have taken this fairy source-type lifeform out for trade. But even if you can’t find a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master, you can contract this fairy source-type lifeform by finding a Class 4 Creation Master with some effort.”

Liu Jie and Listen, who were standing beside Lin Yuan, were at a loss. They didn’t understand what was going on between Lin Yuan and this stall owner.

When Lin Yuan heard this fat boss’ words, he shook his head and didn’t approve his statement. Under True Data, the contract condition of this fairy source-type lifeform, Burning Sunflower, was very special.

It could not be contracted directly by a spirit qi professional and had to be nurtured like a normal fey first.

When it was nurtured to Bronze/Legend, it could grow fully, but only when it reached Bronze/Epic spirit qi professionals could contract it, which was a kind of method of wasting its potential.

If the contractor chose to contract it, after the contract, the black-green fairy ball-like Burning Sunflower would bloom a flame-like flower, from which a Burning Sunflower Spirit would grow.

The Burning Sunflower would crystallize and become a resting place for the Burning Sunflower Spirit. At the same time, the Burning Sunflower Spirit would reach Normal I/Normal.

However, if the spirit qi professional contracted the Burning Sunflower at its full state at Bronze/Legend, the Burning Sunflower would grow two flame-like flowers that would then grow two identical Normal I/Normal Burning Sunflower Spirits.

These two identical Burning Sunflower Spirits shared the same grade and Willpower Rune and cast abilities together.

It could be said there was a tremendous difference when the contractor chose to contract the Burning Sunflower at Bronze/Legend and at Bronze/Epic.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, no matter how suitable this Burning Sunflower was for Chu Ci, he would give up if he couldn’t let it reach its complete state before letting Chu Ci contract it.

Instead of making a compromise like this, it would be better to choose another one that could fully unleash its strength.

Lin Yuan weighed the value of this fairy source-type lifeform, the Burning Sunflower, and was about to make an offer.

The old man, who had been crouching down to check this Mountain-Containing Embryo, stood up and said with admirat

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