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Chapter 438: In a Flurry

After saying that, Lin Yuan stored the cage containing the three Red Water Blood Snakes and the Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone into the Diamond fey storage box.

At that moment, he felt several sharp aura sweeping toward him and heard a middle-aged man with three scars on his face standing behind this thin youth say in a deep voice, “Why don’t I talk to our Young Master? The Red Water Blood Snake is only about 70 Radiance dollars. You—”

Before he could finish, he froze. The thin youth frowned, glanced behind at him, and said, “Uncle Fu, it’s not the same outside as being at home. Control your temper.”

The thin youth turned and nodded apologetically at Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan didn’t care.

When he was about to leave with Liu Jie and Listen, Lin Yuan saw the vendor show a smile that was worse than crying.

“You knew before that those three snake feys were some kind of Red Water Blood Snake?”

Lin Yuan nodded at his words and thought,Not only did I know that these three snake feys are Red Water Blood Snakes, but I also know that they have the horned dragon bloodline.

If he told this vendor, Lin Yuan was really afraid that he would start wailing.

Despite thinking so, Lin Yuan said, “Boss, we’re leaving. You should nurture that Bronze I/Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish well.”

Upon hearing that, the vendor stomped his feet in anger. However, when he saw the indistinct smile on Lin Yuan’s face, this vendor’s hair stood up.

Then the vendor felt an unusual headache. He had actually wanted to make a big sum of money, but he earned nothing in the end and even lost 300 Radiance dollars.

If he hadn’t complied and given the three Red Water Blood Snakes, he could have earned 300 Radiance dollars from them!

He might also have been able to use these three Red Water Blood Snakes to sell the deep-sea Butterfly Shells to the little cripple on the wheelchair.

The more he thought about it, the more this vendor’s heart ached. He carefully placed the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the tank where the deep-sea Butterfly Shells were kept.

Only when he felt that the condition of his aquatic feys had improved did he feel much better.

He was waiting in the middle of the stall for cash cows to come.

Lin Yuan was communicating with the Mother of Bloodbath.

“Why do you have an evil smile on your face? Is there something wrong with the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish you gave that vendor?”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan hurriedly shook his head and answered, “Don’t wrong me. This Spirit-Siphon Goldfish is healthy and has a good exclusive skill.”

The Mother of Bloodbath had not carefully observed the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that Lin Yuan had traded out. However, seeing the strange smile on Lin Yuan’s face, the Mother of Bloodbath knew that there must be something wrong with them. It just didn’t know where the problem lay.

Lin Yuan felt that the next time he saw this vendor, this vendor would defini

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