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Chapter 448: The Surplus Is Called Foundation

After snatching the Mountain-Containing Embryo from me, he is now coveting my infant-stage Elemental Shellfish? Isn’t it too much!?

Master Jing Liu’s heart might show resistance in his heart, but his body was absolutely willing.

Even though he was an advanced Class 4 Creation Master, it would take him great effort and a very long period to produce 200 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls from the Thick Earth Elemental Shellfish.

Furthermore, Lin Yuan was expressing his apology to him by using 200 heavenly-maiden-grade pearls to exchange for his two infant-stage Elemental Shellfish.

It was simply too sincere!

Master Jing Liu said straightforwardly, “This old one has a good impression of you. Since that is the case, I agree to trade with you, and I will still help you to enhance this Burning Sunflower to Bronze/Epic.

Lin Yuan quickly cupped his hands and bowed. “Many thanks for the master’s kindness. But I shouldn’t trouble the master for such small matters. If the master still needs heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, you can look for this junior directly.”

After finishing the statement, Lin Yuan flipped his hand, brought a big brocade box out of the button-shaped fey storage box, and handed it to Master Jing Liu.

Master Jing Liu opened the box to look and closed it before even counting them. He then smiled and said, “The pearl light is reserved and overflowing from within. The color is mild yet clear. The fire elements have filled up the color pores.

“These heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls that you handed over are considered superior among other heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.”

After saying that, Master Jing Liu took out his mobile phone and took the initiative to ask for Lin Yuan’s phone number. He then placed the two infant-stage Elemental Shellfish in a Platinum fey storage box before handing them to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan didn’t even check the Elemental Shellfish inside the fey storage box and simply stored them inside his button-shaped fey storage box.

Master Jing Liu laughed heartily and said, “You are a good kid. This old one likes you.”

After speaking, Master Jing Liu turned and left the stall.

At that moment, Lin Yuan realized that all the spectators and the fat boss of the stall, including Listen and Liu Jie, were all looking at him as though he was some immortal.

Lin Yuan was rather helpless as he simply took out another brocade box which was also filled with 200 heavenly maiden-grade elemental pearls.

Lin Yuan handed the brocade box to the fat boss. He then looked at the Burning Sunflower at the stall and asked the fat boss, “Boss, I wonder what resources I can use to trade for this source-type lifeform with you.”

When speaking, Lin Yuan reached up and rubbed the back of his head. After trading for two infant-stage Elemental Shellfish and the Mountain-Containing Embryo, Lin Yuan realized that he was

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