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Chapter 439: Mutual Harm!

When Lin Yuan purchased the feys and spiritual materials, Listen noticed the difference between Lin Yuan and those other young masters of the major factions.

Lin Yuan had a deep foundation, yet he didn’t squander it in the slightest. When he was purchasing those, he had a good grasp of the price and did not let himself be at the losing end.

It could be said that although he looked like he was buying a lot of goods in a large number, each transaction was a steal at a closer look.

In the eyes of Listen, Lin Yuan was earning resources while spending money.

Through the purchase of feys and spiritual materials, the snowball of the resources he could control was rolling bigger and bigger.

Such a vision and ability made Listen feel very admirable.

At this moment, Lin Yuan said to the old man in front of the stall, “Boss, the Blood Coral Crystals you sell here are now mine.”

The old man who traded with Lin Yuan looked at the Blood Coral Crystal heartbreakingly. Then he looked at the two pieces of completely jade-textured agarwood that were like black crystals and said with a big wave of his hand and some heartache, “You lucked out with the Blood Coral Crystals.”

Lin Yuan chuckled and replied, “Boss, you’re refined. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have preferred this agarwood with a subtle and imperceptible scent and could calm the mind.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the old man at the stall was visibly flabbergasted and asked, “I love the completely jade-textured agarwood. What does it have to do with its smell?”

It was Lin Yuan’s turn to be stunned.

“Boss, don’t you want this completely jade-textured agarwood for burning?”

The old man looked at Lin Yuan with dumbfounded eyes and shouted with trembling lips, “Don’t pretend after the transaction! Only a fool would be willing to burn this completely jade-textured agarwood. Making it into a large thumb ring is the best use of it.”

The old man in the stall only felt that the more he looked at the masked youth in front of him, the more he felt stuffy in his heart.

You’re tactful about the money!

Burning the agarwood? You’re so impressive, so why don’t you raise a few Legend feys at home!

When Lin Yuan heard the old man’s words, he took the Blood Coral Crystals he had exchanged and pulled Listen and Liu Jie to leave.

When they reached the depths of the Indigo Azure Sea Market, most of the feys and spiritual materials sold by the vendors were good stuff that was hard to find outside.

Such good stuff was naturally not sold casually but used by the stall vendors to exchange for the spiritual materials or feys they needed.

This old man wanted to exchange for completely jade-textured agarwood, and Lin Yuan fancied the Blood Coral Crystals that contained a lot of blood energy.

These Blood Coral Crystals contained extremely majestic blood energy, which was exactly what the Mother of Bloodbath needed, so Lin Yuan made

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