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Chapter 441: A New Heaven and Earth Fey

The middle-aged man was naturally very happy to hear that and said with a cheerful laugh, “It’s a deal. You can use any kind of dimensional lifeforms’ flesh in exchange for the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh here.

“But if you take the flesh of alien insects and water world dimensional lifeforms, the exchange ratio won’t be as large as the abyssal dimensional lifeforms.”

Lin Yuan was indifferent. As long as he could exchange for the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh, Lin Yuan would gain no matter what the ratio was.

He couldn’t help but have the idea of exchanging all the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh in the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box for water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh.

But immediately after that, he dispelled that thought. Anyway, he could contact this middle-aged man in the future. Even if he left the Indigo Azure Sea Market, there were still plenty of opportunities to make the exchange through Ostrich Logistics.

15,500 Gold water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh was enough for Red Thorn to digest and devour for a long time.

Lin Yuan left this middle-aged man’s stall before heading toward the different areas where Liu Jie and Listen went. Along the way, he purchased nothing.

There were extremely many treasures in this world. At the core area of the Indigo Azure Sea Market, even Lin Yuan had to spend a lot to buy the rare spiritual materials and feys. Therefore, he would have one less bargaining chip in his hand each time he bought something.

It was likely that he might not be able to get the capital to compete on prices with others when he encountered feys or spiritual materials he really needed.

Lin Yuan saw many buyers were competing on prices for the same fey or spiritual material in front of many stalls.

Even if the price competition between the two buyers offered spiritual materials of the same value and were equally good, there were always feys and spiritual materials suitable for the stall owner. The final exchange, in the end, would have to be decided by the stall owner.

As Lin Yuan walked, the Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar and pleasant voice was filled with urgency.

“Lin Yuan, there is extremely dense blood energy ahead, which is tremendous and pure. It will be of great use to me.”

Lin Yuan hurriedly followed the Mother of Bloodbath’s directions and reached a stall. He noticed that a man and a woman were standing in front of the stall. The short-haired young woman was carefully looking at a long crimson vine.

He saw many pentagonal leaves grown on the crimson vine. The leaves were dark green, with many scarlet veins like blood vessels. There was an opening on the upper branch of the vine, and the crimson sap condensed on the surface of the vine opening, just like a solidified blood scab.

Lin Yuan recognized at a glance that this vine-like fey was not an ordinary one. Rather, it was a Heaven and

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