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Chapter 449: Is Wen Yu’s Cooking Not Nice?

Lin Yuan was in a great mood after the trade. He was now finally able to start upgrading the Source Sand’s quality. At the same time, Lin Yuan could feel Red Thorn inside the leaf-shaped fey storage box devouring the Gold water world dimensional lifeforms. Lin Yuan didn’t think he could look at the scene directly.

Lin Yuan suddenly reflected on his thoughts.Am I really a good father to let Red Thorn eat such smelly things?

Liu Jie and Listen were conversing with their eyes. When Liu Jie saw how Listen was giving him eye signals, Liu Jie said, “I will come clean. I didn’t get to trade for anything.”

After speaking, he took out the gold-threaded bag, which contained 30 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls. In response, Listen did the same and said, “It is the same for me.”

Upon seeing that, Lin Yuan asked, “There weren’t any suitable resources for trade?”

Liu Jie and Listen nodded and shook their heads. Listen was the first to speak. “Heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls are considered rather valuable strategic-class resources. Even if I wanted to trade, I am only able to trade for resources of the same value. I feel that it wouldn’t be a profit.”

Liu Jie agreed. “I have the same feeling. As compared to those strategic-class resources, the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls are more convenient to use in trades. It would be more worth it to keep these elemental pearls at hand.”

When Lin Yuan heard the replies from Liu Jie and Listen, he finally understood the problem.

He had never given great importance to the heavenly-maiden-grade pearls and would use them to exchange for strategic-class resources of the same value. It was due to the fact that he knew how easy it was to obtain these pearls.

He just had to sleep on his bed for a night and would be able to pick up quite a few pearls in the Spirit Lock spatial zone on the next day.

However, Listen, and Liu Jie stood in the angle of a regular person to see the value of the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

When having such a comparison, Lin Yuan felt that he was really a squanderer.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan realized that the conversation between Listen and Liu Jie sounded rather bizarre. It seemed like they had a hard time speaking.

Liu Jie said in a muffled voice, “If this is the case since both of us didn’t trade for anything, it is a draw.”

When hearing Liu Jie’s statement, Listen heaved a sigh of relief. However, Listen started to cough after hearing Liu Jie’s subsequent statement.

“Since we both failed, we both lost.”

Listen looked at Liu Jie with a dumbfounded expression and asked, “Big Brother Liu, why don’t you think that we both won?”

Liu Jie shook his head and said in a deep voice, “Since we didn’t get to trade for anything, it means we lost. Since we lost, we need to receive the punishment together.”

Listen looked at Liu Jie suspiciously and asked, “Big B

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