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Chapter 442: The Troubleseeker Is Here

The Blood Brew Grapevine might not be very valuable among the Heaven and Earth Feys, but it was definitely useful to the Mother of Bloodbath.

Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to check on the Blood Brew Grapevine.

[Fey Name]: Blood Brew Grapevine

[Fey Species]: Grape genus/Twin leaf genus

[Fey Grade]: Platinum (4/10)

[Fey Type]: Blood

[Fey Quality]: Epic

This Blood Brew Grapevine wasn’t just Platinum, but even its quality was at Epic.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help nodding with satisfaction as this Blood Brew Grapevine was already a matured Heaven and Earth Fey.

Once this Blood Brew Grapevine was purchased, it would grow Blood Brew Grapes as long as massive amounts of blood were supplied to it.

It didn’t need Lin Yuan to spend time and effort to nurture it.

Lin Yuan had already heard the resources required to make the trade earlier. As for the three Heaven and Earth Feys in Lin Yuan’s Spirit Lock spatial zone, he naturally wouldn’t use them in the trade.

As for the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, they would be considered strategic-class resources that the stall owner wanted for the trade.

However, Lin Yuan planned to use strategic-class resources like the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls only if it was the last resort. After all, Lin Yuan wasn’t certain if he would encounter any spiritual ingredients or feys that he or the Mother of Bloodbath would need in this Indigo Azure Sea Market.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan recalled that he had recently enhanced those four Bronze/Epic Wind Chain Sparrows and the Bronze/Epic Wind Net Sparrow.

Lin Yuan immediately took two steps forward and summoned the four Wind Chain Sparrows and one Wind Net Sparrow.

He then lifted the five little sparrows and asked the stall owner, “Boss, are you willing to trade five of my Bronze/Epic feys with your Blood Brew Grapevine?”

The elder’s eyes narrowed slightly when Lin Yuan summoned the five palm-sized sparrows.

Seeing that the elder was able to instantly identify the poor exclusive skills of the three Broil Fire Worker Ants with a rough glance, Lin Yuan knew that this elder should be a Creation Master.

This elder was currently squinting his eyes and was probably trying to analyze the exclusive skills of the Wind Chain Sparrows and Wind Net Sparrow that Lin Yuan enhanced.

When Lin Yuan enhanced feys to Bronze/Epic, he always had a good habit. That would be to raise the fey’s quality to Epic when evolving to Elite grade. That way, Lin Yuan would be able to choose out of three exclusive skills when it evolved to Bronze.

As such, be it the four Wind Chain Sparrows or the Wind Net Sparrow, they all had rather exceptional exclusive skills. They were exclusive skills that could strengthen the combat capabilities of the Wind Chain Sparrows and the Wind Net Sparrow.

Lin Yuan immediately brought out extreme sincerity for this trade and didn’t wish t

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