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Chapter 450: The True Insect Swarm Commander

There was actually such a fishy smell in this shallow coastal sea. Lin Yuan was simply too familiar with such a unique fishy smell. It was exactly the smell given off by the decaying flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms.

The sea breeze along the shore was very strong, so any smell would be instantly carried hundreds of meters away and then disappear without a trace.

However, the sea breeze couldn’t cover up the smell of decaying flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms on the shore. This meant that a large number of water world dimensional lifeforms were decaying.

Just as Lin Yuan’s expression became more and more serious, Liu Jie said with a frown, “Could there be a water world dimensional rift that just opened on the shore? How else could there be so much water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh decaying?”

As he spoke, Liu Jie glanced at the calm sea not far away and frowned even more.

The clear waves on the sea surface surged. There were clearly no large-scale massacres of feys and water world dimensional lifeforms at this moment in the sea.

Listen pondered for a moment before saying, “I was here at this sea area before I went to the Royal Capital. There was no abnormality at that time.”

Listen was also wondering how much water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh was decaying together in such a wide space that made them, who were standing with their backs to the breeze, smell a fishy and pungent smell.

Listen hurriedly took three light-blue wax slices out of his Diamond fey storage box, handed them to Lin Yuan and Liu Jie, and said, “These are the fragments from the Shellfish Vapor Corals. Put it in your hand and cover your nose. The fragment’s shellfish vapor can cover up the decaying smell of the water world dimensional lifeforms.”

At that moment, Lin Yuan waved his hand and replied, “Smell. The decaying smell of the water world dimensional lifeforms is becoming fainter and fainter.

“Let’s wait a little longer. If this smell becomes fainter or disappears, we’ll go forward and take a look.”

Lin Yuan thought,If the smell becomes faint, it means that a large batch of water world dimensional lifeforms have been killed and then rolled along with the current to the shore.

The Source Sand that was on the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box on Lin Yuan’s cuff landed on the sandy shore at his feet and turned into gravel that drilled into the sandy shore.

Liu Jie noticed Lin Yuan’s action and channeled his spiritual energy to summon the Insect Queen.

After the Insect Queen was summoned, a small humanoid fairy emerged out of the beating purple flesh cocoon. It was the Insect Queen’s original body.

The Insect Queen had a combination of moth wings and transparent dragonfly wings on its body.

After flying out of the purple flesh cocoon, the Insect Queen hugged Liu Jie’s neck, relying on its little face to rub it.


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