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Chapter 434: The Hornless Dragon Bloodline

Early in the morning in the Indigo Azure Sea Market…

Lin Yuan was wearing a set of moon-white spirit qi clothing that looked very simple, with only a few subtle designs highlighting its uniqueness.

Under a closer look, he found this moon-white spirit qi clothing strung with many moon-white rice beads. These rice beads were coiled together to form five kinds of fortune patterns.

When Lin Yuan had previously given Hu Quan the completely jade-textured spiritual materials, that earliest batch had a long strip of white sandalwood that was simply too small. Hu Quan could only do a pair of chopsticks. Thus, this completely jade-textured white sandalwood had been left behind.

Wen Yu had seen the evolution of the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carp into the Mountain River Eternal Life Carp some time ago and had perhaps found some inspiration.

She had taken the remaining completely jade-textured white sandalwood and warm silk and had chosen five of the six fortune patterns on the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carp to make this set of moon-white spirit qi clothes.

It looked unusually low-key on Lin Yuan. At the same time, it made his youthfulness graceful.

Lin Yuan looked at the many stalls and in front of him and couldn’t help but sigh a little. There were simply too many stalls in the Indigo Azure Sea Market!

These stalls were like a maze, all clumped together. It would take an unknown amount of time to walk out of this sea market.

Lin Yuan had thought that the Indigo Azure Sea Market would be like most trading markets, which were dirty and noisy. However, this Indigo Azure Sea Market not only looked clean, but it also didn’t have any strange smell.

Although he smelled nothing strange, Genius that Lin Yuan held in his arms scrunched its nose and said cutely, “Yuan, the fishy smell here is so strong. I can’t breathe!”

Lin Yuan hurriedly took a mint leaf out of the Diamond fey storage box, used his finger to whisk out its juice, and put it on Genius’ nose.

When Listen heard Genius’ words and saw that Lin Yuan was twitching his nose as if he was distinguishing the fishy smell Genius was talking about, he explained, “The Indigo Azure Sea Market is the biggest official event of Indigo Azure City every decade. Thus, the Indigo Azure Guards will set up the venue in advance and let the Shellfish Vapor Corals release shellfish vapor before it opens.

“This affects the spirit qi professionals who buy, sell, and trade in the Indigo Azure Sea Market and allow them not to smell any odor.

“Most feys have a more developed sense of smell than spirit qi professionals and have stronger immunity against the Shellfish Vapor Corals’ shellfish vapor, so they can smell what’s in the market.”

After listening to Listen’s explanation, Lin Yuan felt that the Indigo Azure City’s officials were really talented.

However, what was the difference between this and being afraid of smellin

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