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“Fifth Page Truth, you’re always in a layer of rotten meat all day long. Can you even smell the stench? Why don’t you let me make this rotten meat into a small black house that will trap you forever?”

The short-haired woman’s face had a grim expression as she spoke, making her delicate features terrifying.

At that moment, a light cough made Third Page Eternal Sin and Fifth Page Truth immediately stern.

A young girl wearing thick lenses and looking like a girl-next-door stood up and said as if chanting, “The beings parasitized by the seeds of my Gardener Konjac in the Radiance Federation can act in cooperation with Seventh Page War.”

A hint of disgust colored the voice of Seventh Page War that contained pity and mockery. “Second Page Revival, I don’t need you to cooperate with my actions.”

The girl-next-door-like girl glanced at Seventh Page War with some aggravation, and her chanting tone suddenly changed as if she was chanting a dirge. “I’m also afraid that Seventh Page War’s War Knell and Radiance War Chariot will be cracked by the Moon Empress again.”

Speaking of this, the girl-next-door-like girl seemed to have a sudden realization.

“By the way, I forgot! Seventh Page War’s sacred source lifeform, the War Knell and Radiance War Chariot, have already advanced. Seventh Page War will take back that sacred source lifeform from the Radiance Federation alone.”

After saying that, Second Page Revival changed the topic and said to the gloomy man sitting in a twisted snake-like posture next to Third Page Eternal Sin, “The laws in those 300 wax figures in the sky garden are already going to be cleaned by the Cleansing Spring. The materials for the new batch of wax figures are prepared. Eighth Page Apoptosis, you should get the new batch of wax figures done as soon as possible!”

The gloomy man who sat twisted like a snake shrugged, and a nervous smile crept on his face. However, he didn’t let out any laughter. His mouth opened wide, and he replied silently with an “Okay”.

Lin Yuan was currently sitting on the water rhinoceros leather sofa in the hall while going through his cell phone, ready to log onto Star Web to check his gains from the blind trade a while later, as well as the auction of the 30 Flower Brocade Pearls for the group welfare.

He opened the offline forum on his cell phone that he hadn’t been on for a while and found that the foolish online friend who had been bitten by the Ghost Shadow Bristled Spider had sent him a message.

“People like you will certainly fail Fey Observation and Spiritual Ingredient Analysis exams!”

When Lin Yuan saw this message, he curled his lips.

What message did I send last time? Why did I get such a vicious curse!?

Lin Yuan thought back for a while and found that he couldn’t remember at all. However, he was unresigned at her saying he would fail them.

When he had taken the Creation Master’s exam, he had scored 100 marks for both Fey Observatio

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