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Once Zhou Luo heard this youth with a strange mask in the store call out his name, he was finally sure that he hadn’t gone to the wrong place.

He was surprised to look at the furnishings around the store and was somewhat in disbelief that this legendary Purchase With No Loss Fey Store didn’t have any feys or spiritual materials but only an ordinary table.

Zhou Luo hurriedly said, “My name is Zhou Luo. Can my main fey, the Iron Bone Iguana, reach your standard?”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan flipped his hands and summoned a chair that was the same as the one Lin Yuan was sitting on. Both were gifted by Star Web when he had opened his store.

At that moment, Zhou Luo heard one of the youths with a strange mask say, “Take a seat first. There’ll be someone in a while. We’ll talk when everyone is here.”

Zhou Luo sat down on the chair and secretly sized up the two masked youths sitting not far from him.

Based on the masks alone, he could tell that the man in the white-and-blue long robe was obviously of a higher status than the man in the red-and-gold half-body armor. The former should be the Purchase With No Loss store’s owner.

At the same time, Zhou Luo felt dejected. His Iron Bone Iguana was just a Platinum IX/Fantasy I fey. It was hard to say who would win if it fought with those Diamond IV or Diamond V feys in terms of strength.

Did such strength really have a chance to fight for a future?

At that moment, the most beautiful future that Zhou Luo dreamed of was to be able to get five heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls produced from the Scorching Elemental Shellfish so that his main fey, the Iron Bone Iguana, could mutate the huge sarcoma on its neck into a second head.

Just as Zhou Luo was letting his imagination run wild, Lin Yuan had set up entry access to his Purchase With No Loss store where only Freezing Cold could enter later.

The setting of the entry access was the privilege of a private store owner on Star Web. Of course, except for stores like Lin Yuan’s store that were not worried about having buyers at all, other stores might not even use this privilege once in their lifetime.

Time flew by, and half an hour passed quickly. Lin Yuan’s eyebrows slowly frowned. The time had come to the appointed ten o’clock, but Freezing Cold didn’t appear during this appointed timing.

After another five minutes, just as Lin Yuan was ready to remove Freezing Cold’s access from entering the door, a tall and strong man walked in. He was Freezing Cold.

He scanned the room and walked to Lin Yuan before saying carefreely, “I was watching the competition video in the Star Web video library, so I was five minutes late.”

When Lin Yuan heard Freezing Cold’s careless tone, his brow furrowed even more tightly. He changed the question mark on Freezing Cold into a cross in his heart. His careless attitude showed that he didn’t take this meeting seriously at all.

Not only did it show his contempt toward Li

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