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Lin Yuan turned his head and looked at the man, who had come in first and sat on the chair, before asking, “Zhou Luo, have you heard of the Huge Axe Mercenaries?”

Zhou Luo had always felt that he didn’t have the slightest sense of existence, but he didn’t expect to be called by the youth with the strange mask now.

He quickly answered, “Of course, I’ve heard of the Huge Axe Mercenaries. It’s a very powerful faction with 11 king-class experts, the strongest of which is said to be just a hair’s breadth away from being a pinnacle king-class expert.”

Lin Yuan nodded at his words. From the number and strength of the king-class experts, the Huge Axe Mercenaries should be considered a veteran and rising faction.

Just by hearing the word ‘mercenaries’, it was clear that the role of this rising faction was to be hired to complete missions and obtain supplies. It was a rising faction that relied on martial force.

It was now almost New Year’s and in time for the Radiance Federation’s S Tournament season. The Huge Axe Mercenaries probably could not receive any missions now, so Freezing Cold had begun to come out to do odd jobs as a member.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but feel that what Zhou Luo had said earlier about the strongest expert in the Huge Axe Mercenaries being a hair’s breadth away from being a pinnacle king-class expert was interesting.

The pinnacle king-class didn’t refer to a specific rank, but all king-class experts who had Diamond VIII/Fantasy III feys and above could be called pinnacle king-class experts.

Therefore, this introduction of being a hair’s breadth away from being a pinnacle king-class expert was somewhat confusing.

The Huge Axe Mercenaries were probably introducing themselves to the outside world, hoping to take on more missions.

Such mercenary factions that gathered king-class experts had very fierce competition because they let their strength speak for them, so it was obvious at a glance which faction had better business.

Just as Zhou Luo had just finished speaking, he didn’t expect to be immediately targeted by the tall and strong man beside him.

“A few days ago, my big brother became a pinnacle king-class expert. What do you mean by being a hair’s breadth away from being a pinnacle king-class expert?”

Zhou Luo was rendered speechless.

I’m not a member of the Huge Axe Mercenaries. Who would keep an eye on the latest news of the Huge Axe Mercenaries all the time?

What has it got to do with me whether your Huge Axe Mercenaries have any pinnacle king-class experts?

Lin Yuan looked at Freezing Cold, who was standing there, obviously a bit angry, and said, “Since you can’t give me your allegiance, I can’t give you a future either. You don’t need to waste your time.”

When Freezing Cold heard that, his expression stiffened, and he immediately became reluctant.

“My time is also worthless. It doesn’t matter if I waste it. I guess he’s also a king-class expert that you

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