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The Mother of Bloodbath replied upon receiving Lin Yuan’s order, “If we encounter a sneak attack from an emperor-class expert, it’s hard to stop it at once if we’re hidden in the dark.

“Sister Summer is not good at concealment, so she’ll hide in the shadows.

“Although the law I control is blood, my species and exclusive skills are extremely good at concealment.

“Even an emperor-class expert will not notice me if I’m by your side.”

Endless Summer fiddled with the bell on its bracelet that was hidden in the pink-purple embroidered-ball-shaped flower and said, “Sister Blood and I are both near and far, respectively. While Sister Blood protects your safety closely, I will keep an eye on you guys from a distance. I’ll also see how many pairs of eyes are watching you from the shadows.”

Lin Yuan nodded in response.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan nod, the corners of its mouth on its expressionless face curved up into a pleasant arc.

It relied on the Path Protector contract between it and Lin Yuan and spoke in his mind in a voice that only he could hear.

“I’m your Path Protector. Your safety must come first.”

Lin Yuan’s heart warmed up upon hearing that. In fact, during the time Lin Yuan had been spending time with the Mother of Bloodbath, he had almost forgotten that it was his Path Protector.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath had been silently performing its duties as a Path Protector.

At that moment, a scarlet luster flickered around the Mother of Bloodbath that was on the Long-Backed Swan’s back. This scarlet luster made one feel as if they saw a sticky blood pool. Everyone could obviously feel the Long-Backed Swan’s body trembling faintly, obviously scared.

If Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath hadn’t used their aura to control the Long-Backed Swan when they transformed, the Long-Backed Swan would have been frightened by the Mother of Bloodbath’s aura and fallen to the ground.

The Mother of Bloodbath was a bird-catching spider. Besides its quality’s mightiness, it also possessed its species’ intimidation trait.

The Mother of Bloodbath shrunk to the size of a centimeter, just as when it had first become Lin Yuan’s Path Protector.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath didn’t land on the leaf-shaped fey storage box hanging on Lin Yuan’s chest. Instead, it landed on his hair and hid between it.

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, Endless Summer, and Listen had long known that the Mother of Bloodbath was a Suzerain/Myth Breed fey.

Only Zhou Luo, who was on the back of the Long-Backed Swan, didn’t know about the Mother of Bloodbath’s identity.

When Zhou Luo now saw the Mother of Bloodbath change from human form to a scarlet spider, hidden between Lin Yuan’s hair, his eyes immediately widened. He gulped wildly and sighed in his heart.How lucky am I to be able to have an opportunity to join such a strong faction!?

This legendary Suzerain/Myth II fey was actually next to him, and based

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